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    been considering 6600...does it do callfiltering..pic callid & mp3 assignable ringtones?

    is there anyone not exp the beeping problem or BT headset problem?
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    ACtually, from reading many forums all over the net, I only see reports from about 3-5 people with this beep issue. Either everyone else is very quiet, do not have the issue, or it doesn't bother them.

    I see about 3 people on here with the beep, a couple others on other forums, and the same 5 or so on several forums.

    The Verizon version XV6600 has been released and I haven't heard of anyone with that telephone who has the beep.

    I think maybe a few people got defective units or have loaded something on them that is interfering with something, or maybe is it the BC service.

    Sprint has a holiday return period now in effect until January 31 on phones that you buy, full refund, no questions. The PPC 6000 is due to be released in 1-2 weeks, also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ardint
    Can the Treo play movies without conversion, out of the box? Only MMplayer can do native formats, but it still requires resolution and bitrate conversions or it will crash due to buffer underruns.
    Just discovered this:
    So depending on your definition of 'out of the box' the answer is yes, the treo can do that..
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