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    Been using several Treo's 270 and enjoying it. I like the clamshell design, the protection the lid offers and the fact I have a mike in fornt of my mouth instead of beside my cheek. Been tempted by the 300, but thought: only for the polyphonic tone? Nah.
    I like the functionality, I loath the weak battery. Been looking at the 600, but it does not have a protective lid! So now I'm looking for a clamshell smartphone. Found a few, but am in doubt: all miss sone thing or another which my 270 has. So I wonder, are there ppl on the forum who can recommend a clamshell smartphone? Basically I want a 270 with better screen and better sound options, my a build-in mp3player. Actually I'm waiting for an Ipod with phonecapabilities...

    So, any recommendations? Or is this the wrong place to ask, since this site is called TreoCentral...

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    Wait for the new Motorola MPx...that might be your is not PalmOS though...
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    There are also alluminum cases custom made to fit thr treo 600... they offer amazing protection. see Also, Ebay has some as well.
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    I understand your wanting a clamshell phone. I was hesitant to get a 600 for that reason alone. However, now that I've had it for over a year, I can say I would not have it any other way. True there is a lack of protection, but a writeright will take care of that. Offsetting that is the ease of use and one-handed operation.

    If you really want a clamshell the motorola mpx300 looks interesting, though they have some issues to work out before it's ready for primetime. Samsung makes a couple of clamshell PalmOS phones though they are a bit dated at this point. I think there may be a new one over in Europe, though. Look around. Sorry to lose you from the Treo family.
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    I too was distraught about the change from the 270 to 600 because of that reason. But I also would not go back. In fact the 600 has proven itself more durable without the flip than the 270 was with the flip. But, I respect you want to find something that suits you better.
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    I'm also tempted by the clamshell form factor--I'm waiting for the Samsung i550 to be released before I decide to jump ship (clamshell, Palm OS, MP3 player, etc.).
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    If you want a palmos based clamshell your two options are the:

    Samsung i530/550 or the Pitech Qool QDA-700. The latter looks alot like the Treo 270 and has a flip lid and everything fyi...
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