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    For some of those here whom are diehard POS fans, I guess it is worth the wait. IMO it is not, it is very subpar to other devices that are being released currently. Myself as a previous Treo 600 owner had very little problems with the device except for the 4 exchanges with Sprint. The hardware of the Treo is bottom line, just about as low as you can go and when you stop to think about paying out your hard earned money for garbage. Well you might as well throw it in the fireplace. From my understanding the new 650 is being produced by HTC. I guess time will tell if the 650 is going be another 600, I sure hope not. I am a recently converted PPC user, and glad I made the move to the PDA2K. It was time to upgrade to something that could actually load web pages and preform the daily business tasks that I needed it to handle. The 650 specs just didn't cut it along with P1's WiFi problems. WiFi is an not really an issue for myself, but considering I have it at home and work. When I am gonna spend that kind of money it might as well have all the bells and whistles. Granted the 600 was a nice phone and the form factor is still unbeatable, al least until the MPX is released. But having to reset it often and the occasional turn off and never come back on it just turned out to be a real piece of crap. Not quite as bad as the i500, sorry folks but that thing is a real piece of sh*t. Had one of those for about 2 days and returned it immediately to Sprint. SprintPCS is another story itself. All I will say about them is the just plain suck. After reading the posts and comments other people have made here at TC about the comparison between the PDA2K and the new 650, I must agree with most the PDA2K is a much better device, and is not really any bigger. Very solid built. It has quite a few bluetooth issues though, I can speak from experience. But I can also say with confidence that Imate shall have a new rom upgrade available really soon to fix previous bugs. First one is already out. Now I can't say that about P1. When P1 and Sprint have hacked off the Bluetooth DUN support from the get go and have a pending rom release to fix the problem. I wouldn't plan on seeing that anytime soon. Just like the drivers for the Wifi card. Good luck there.
    SPCS / RL-7300 -> VM-4500 -> Samsung i500 -> Treo 600 -> TREO 650??
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    Could you repeat that please. Take a breath
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