(xth time the charm?)

Just read a review of the device here:

After reading the review, now I understand why palmOne is so...frustrating. They took out all the supercool features of the T3 and removed them for the T5! According to the review, the saving grace of the T5 is its built in flash drive (160MB).

Now, if the next version of the Treo--after the T650--had a built-in flash drive, expandable screen (like the Tungsten 3), Cobalt OS, Bluetooth AND Wi-Fi, 64MB of RAM, 2 megapixel camera with zoom and flash (just for starters), sign me up, baby! Anything more would be icing, but I doubt it would happen.

So, if palmOne is really serious about using the PocketPC OS to increase its market share, I'm thinking these Pocket PC users would demand a device like the example above. Can you imagine a year from now, the Windows Treo having the same specs as the T650? Heaven forbid!