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    In my opinion, the spinoff of PalmSource has been a failure. It's created confusion, they've acquired no new liscensees (they've lost them), neither company is doing very well in general as well. So, what should they do? Well, they should just bite the bullet and re-merge into Palm.

    Please, before I get the crap flamed out of me, listen and respect my beliefs.

    I think it would be a sensible move, it hasn't been that long since PalmSource was spun off, so they'd probably re-integrate fairly well. I think they would both benefit from it and in general, it just makes sense.

    We can all wish, eh?
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    why did they spin off in the first place? fear of anti-trust?
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    Too late. Palm's reason for splitting is more apparent after yesterday's announcement of PalmOne's intention to use Windows Mobile in future versions of the Treo. Looks like they're leaving PalmSource hanging.

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