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    Has anyone seen or used the Motorola E680? I was thinking of waiting for the Treo650, but this Motorola looks amazing. Only thing thats holding it back it the Linux OS, which isnt supported much yet. But the processor is much better then the 650 and the graphics and games are much better. As well, the speakers, video (widescreen) and entertainment bundle that it comes with (which includes around 10 games, Real Player for MP3 and Mpeg4) is suporior to the Treo650.

    If anyone has used it, please tell me your thoughts...
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    got a link?
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    i hate to sound like an echo of things said before, but no keyboard, no deal.
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    I agree, that phone looks amazing. It's a tri-band non-US phone, so not sure how usable it will be here (no 850). It's also GPRS, not EDGE. I think it's very close to being a real competitor in the US. How hard can it be to make it a quad-band GSM/EDGE phone like the A780??
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    I know someone who has used it in the US and said he had no problem. He told me that this phone is amazing, but I wanted some other opinions. I agree with the keyboard problem, but they is a pop-up keyboard on the screen, and since the screen is so large, it provides plenty of space for everything else as well. Its a tough call, as this phone really looks very good...

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