Trying to be strong...never thought I would end up here... simply looking to buy a new smartphone...considering treo 650, ...then the siren song of imate Jam, Imate PDA2K, *BenQ P50, *Motorola MPX,...pull me in... I am dissapointed in the Treo 650 specs (no wifi, .3 camera etc. tiny ram etc. and I came upon the stunning specs of PDA2k - blue angel from Imate/seimens/ etc. sounds like it may be seductivly suited spec wise for my needs.

But.( oh the Horror!) it is on a Pocket PC...does it play nice? and how can they call it a blue angle when it uses the devils OS. what I want to do against nature? is it even possible on a mac? what I need to know rock solid for sure is:

Will it work with my powerbook g4 and panther:
without major problems, gitches, gotchas?

what about the bt problem and the speaker pop i am hearing about?


1) will it sync with entourage in office 2004 on a mac with pocket mac , missing syc or other program easily

Client Testimonial Videos
3) can i transfer my imovie, FCP quicktime movies from a mac and will the pocket PC play quicktime videos so that you can actually clearly hear the words of my client testimonials I made in quicktime?

FYI Here are my needs in order of priortiy - all in one unit I can fit in my pocket

1) clearly plays videos I make in quicktime and can clearly see and hear the people talking- good speaker volume

2) reliable phone

3) pda - easily get email and surf the web

4) easily sync everything on my powerbook

5) good battery life

6) stable, reliable and rock solid

7) camera, mp3, wi fi, blue tooth
(will this smartphone even work with bluetooth on a mac?)

Thanks for your help in delivering me from smartphone purgatory where the GPRS signal is always a roam'in.....

All constructive, comments, links, prices, welcome,,,