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    Quote Originally Posted by ManofTrueGod
    I've got so many important documents created for PalmReader and iSilo that I don't think I can migrate to either Windows or Symbian.
    You do realize that iSilo comes in a Pocket PC version, right? In fact, I think reading iSilo on a Pocket PC is far better than on a Palm - the bigger screen is of course better, and the iSilo app has slightly more features and - surprise - slightly easier to navigate on the Pocket PC. The document capture app - iSilo X - is the same for either platform. iSilo X runs on your desktop, and creates documents that output to either a Palm device OR a PPC device...or both. You just have to dig into the settings to tell it where to sync to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g.711
    Any reset yet?
    how abouts drop offs or cut offs.
    How it the internet access, can you get to all pages.
    Is the screen readable in daylight.
    Is the vibrate strong?
    What was the price of the Must Have apps?
    Is the camera app any good, from other post I have seen IMO the T650 has a better camera app even though they are both VGA.?
    Have you called for support yet?
    Have you found a web site like TC - other than Howard Forum.
    Is the IR strong, have you tried a tv remote contol app yet?
    Yeah, I've reset the PDA2K a couple times, but not too often and not anywhere near as often as the Treo. It's very easy to reset. Stick the stylus into the hole on the bottom.
    I don't think I've had any dropped calls, but this used to happen all the f.ucking time with the Treo, I couldn't take it anymore.
    I haven't had a page yet I couldn't load. It handles frames fine.
    The screen is completely readable in daylight. This is one of the greatest things with the PDA2K.
    The Vibrate is OK. Certainly better than the Treo, but could be improved.
    The general must have apps are SBP Pocket Plus and Voice Command. Look through my previous posts for their links.
    I also use Pocket Streets, an RPN Calculator, Pocket Lookout, a general conversion calculator, a mortgage calculator, a dictionary and some other good stuff...
    The camera app is very cool, it's easy to switch between still shots and video.
    I've never called for support (unfortunately the branded distributer is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates). I never needed it, except that I would like help getting the fax software up and running. There's some threads about that on HoFo I haven't read yet. I'm sure I'll be making use of it once I get it working.
    You can also check out
    I haven't tested the IR yet. Unfortunately it's on the side of the phone making using it as a universal remote a little ackward. It sounds cool, but I have no need to use the PDA2K as a universal remote.

    I hope that helps,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ink883
    For those folks who have both treo600 and PPC... please report on how Blazer compares to PCC in terms of being able to view differnt web pages (are there pages that work in one and not the other?).

    In additon how does pocket word compare to Docs to 2

    I have heard that Blazer and Docs 2 go are better... these are the most important apps for me, please report on this.

    I can only compare the Blazer to the Pocket Explorer on the h6315. PE is faster, the larger higher res screen gives you much better screenshots, and for some reason I didn't have to keep clicking "more..." as the feeds were much longer for each article. I'll give you a fast example: For, -both accessed through the Blazer only gives me text; the Explorer OTOH gave me text wrapped around nice color photos as you'd see on your desktop. I returned the h6315 because the phone reception didn't work well for me, and I use the Blazer all day. But except for the better phone reception I get on the Treo, there is no comparison. I'd guess the improved screen on the 650 will make each screen look much nicer but it'll still be a small screen and I don't know what else may improve. BTW, I had wi-fi on the h6315, and *broadband wireless* on the Explorer is wonderful!
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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