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    I'm still torn between the two for the long term. In the short term I'll be getting the T650 from the roadshow because it will be the least expensive option of the two. Afterwards, I will check out the MDAIII from TMobile.

    I need a phone that can walk and chew gum at the same time, so I'm really interested in multitasking on the PDA2K/MDAIII. I also like the larger screen real estate.I like the idea of a much better camera, but I haven't seen the results from a MDAIII so I don't know if I will be getting a better camera there. WiFi is a biggie for me because it future proofs my device and I intend to sit on this device for several years.

    The T650 is more familiar. I have played around with many T600s. They are ALL (PDA2K and T650) on the large side and as I look at the competitors, they are both really the same (large) size functionally speaking. I think that Palm OS is interesting, though I've never been a big fan. I do like the button layout on the T650, the always available keyboard and the expected improved battery life.

    I develop wireless applications and I do so in Java J2ME. Neither phone appears to support MIDP2.0, though I would imagine that either could be upgraded to an appropriate JVM. While I do like the simplicity of PalmOS, I like the capability of PPC more - though I loathe and despise Windows at this point (and that's the biggest negative for the PPC). I expect that either device would have no problems connecting to OSX (especially since the iSync SDK is public now - so I could even write sync software myself if necessary).

    Being able to get the T650 at road show prices seals the deal for me. If not for that, the T650 and the MDAIII will be roughly the same price (and I don't know who is finding them for $1K because I haven't seen them anywhere near that price - ANYWHERE).

    All things considered I think the PDA2K would be a better buy for me because I think it would weather 3 years much better than the T650 will.
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    The sprint cameraless version (6601) will be out the week of Nov 1st as confirmed by sprint business telesales... It will be $629

    All indications are that the version with a camera + flash will be out a month later.

    My plan is to get the 6601 and try it for a couple weeks... then get the 650 when it comes out in mid Nov and try that and make a decision. If i go with the PPC... i'll get the camera version when it comes out in Dec
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    I thought politics, and especially degrading and strongly potential offending politics, were either not aloud on these forums or at least strong discouraged. Please don't ruin a good running and very informative thread.

    As quoted by a former president: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by speclcajun
    As quoted by a former president: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"
    Uh, this isn't the kitchen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal on a lot of the accessories (except for mainly chargers and software if switching OS) will be compatible with any new device with Bluetooth. I plan getting a Bluetooth headset, a BT keyboard, a BT GPS, etc.... So even if I do finally decide to jump ship to an Win OS for a year.

    great point
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    Quote Originally Posted by speclcajun
    As quoted by a former president: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"
    I made no mention of my political leanings...and you missed (or ignored) my point entirely. As I recall politics is NOT the subject of this thread...
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    The GSM version of the PDA2K features Wi-Fi, the CDMA version (PPC 6600/6601) won't that may be an additional deciding factor for you besides the additional power & memory, the only reason I could think of to stick with the palm device is the familiarity, but almost anyone that uses a computer is familiar with a windows based operating system
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjohn133
    <snip> ... the only reason I could think of to stick with the palm device is the familiarity <snip>
    I take it you have never owned a PocketPC? They are two very different types of devices. PocketPC's indeed sport more technical features than Palm, but the usability of the device is a different story.

    I have a PocketPC that I use for software development (iPaq). I tried to like it and use it, but most of the time it sits on my desk on the charger. I also found that most applications that I install seem to take much more RAM on the PPC than a PalmOS equivalent. I'm only able to get about 10 decent apps. installed on the 64MB iPaq. However, on the Palm about 100 (in only 16MB) before I have to start using the SD card.

    I'm not saying the PalmOS is "Better", just that they are two different platforms entirely. Might want to look past the features of the unit and see what it is you will really be using the device for (looking up phone numbers, reading office documents, e-mail, making phone calls, etc.) and see which one does that better. Features are nice, but you have to be able to use those features in a manner that is not intrusive. Just my own .02 here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    Here are some good links for the PDA2K that I found posted elsewhere on the forum thanks to g.711:

    Video of phone being used:

    Pictures and detailed review:

    and other links
    Plus there is a Message Board for the entire XDA line at -
    Big PDA2K review
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    Quote Originally Posted by hduty
    That BenQ sure looks nice.

    However, the dedicated 'OK'-button on the pda2k probably ensures better one-handed use. If it wasn't for that I'd go with the BenQ in a heartbeat.

    ************ EDITED ***************
    I just zoomed in on a picture of the BenQ, and the Return-button (<-|) also has "OK" written on it.
    If this button has the same function as the OK button on the pda2k, than it's settled for me.
    The OK button or any exetuable program can be assigned to a button. Or you can get rid of the OK button and change it to close app using several of those freebies utility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfbeast
    I am making the same decision between the 650 and the PPC6600. Looking at the usability of both devices i believe they are comparable in both the phone and PDA area. Its true that the 650 will have tight phone integration... however, the Hofo review states that the PDA2k (6600) is comparable if not better in some areas due to the voice command. The PPC6600 is slightly larger, but the rounded shape makes it easy to handle.

    Multimedia wise, the PPC is better due to the larger screen and built in video player. Also, the camera version will have a flash. The only disadvantage of the 6600 is the slightly larger size and the 320x240 screen. However, the 320x320 screen on the 650 doesnt seem to be utilized will by software, so that advantage is null.

    I am willing to live with the slightly larger form factor. It is still pocketable so its ok for me. Also, the advantage in software, multitasking, multimedia, EVDO is something that was missing from the treo. I dont like the fact that I had to buy a bunch of 3rd party software just to get my treo to have the same functionality that comes in the box with PPC. The 3rd party software added makes palm more unstable than ppc.

    However, I plan to try both the 650 and 6600 as soon as they are out before I make my decision. But right now, my money is on the 6600
    What is your main softwares? Most PPC apps are replacing two or three apps at once. The rest are built in functions. There are also far more functionalities available on free softwares. (yes than Palm)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Java1Guy
    Could you tell us exactly how you see that? Do you have number crunching apps running in the background? Otherwise, seems to me listening to MP3s and checking the calenday is a whole lot like multi-tasking. If it's the difference between cooperative multi-threading vs. interruptible/context-switching multitasking (or whatever), i just don't right off see how it's a "HUGE" deal...

    The most obvious use of multitasking is

    making a phonecall + doing something else
    eg. checking data on spreadsheet, email, webrowsing, jotting down notepad, or recording the phonecall and attaching the recording to calendar.

    also, ebook + music. or music + surfing the web. some people prefer listening to music and playing game (turning of game sound effect)

    leaving IM/WiFI on while the PDA is acting like a mini desktop+ keyboard doing wordprocessing/web terminal is also popular.
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    I have had the chance to use both. I just sold my Treo 600 CDMA version and made the switch to PDA2K with Tmobile. After all this I have now put my PDA2K on ebay as of this morning

    In case anyone is interested - Ebay Auction

    I must say the PDA2K does ALOT!.. Coming from a palm OS at first I was kinda lost. I managed to move all my palm desktop items over to outlook and sync with activesync. I did after a few days feel overwelmed by everything the phone does but I did notice a few things it didnt do well. SMS for instance was a pain. It uses the same interface as email which isnt the best that Ive seen. The phone was somewhat lacking if you ask me. I had to download another application to make it easier and friendlier to navigate, especially with one hand.

    I guess you can say I had Treo withdrawls but nonetheless Im planning on coming back to Treo in the form of a 650 very soon. PDA2K for me was just a bit to much. It has tons of potential thou.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jturnbul
    Hi Farzon,

    I respectfully disagree with your comment that PPC loses memory and full resets in exactly the same way as Treo.
    Sure the process is the same, but PPCs are much heavier on the battery, so when they run low (below 30%) you are really pushing your luck, and if you leave it off or hibernating for a couple of days, chances are the PPC is fully reset.
    My Treo will last significantly longer than that before it fully resets.
    loses memory? the worst case is bad third apps that leaks memory. That sort of thing happens in Palm too. Another common one is chache, but that's what setting is for.

    according to review PDA2K has far better battery performance than treo 600. Remember PDA2K is new product with several hardware/software enhancement. It's third itteration of XDA.

    I know you are a professional who supports many Treos in the field & has a P2K, and I certainly respect your opinions and very helpful reviews on this and HowardsForum.
    I also support nearly 100 PPCs in the field etc, so this note is just a difference of opinion, not anything more..;-)
    have you supported PDA2K? this device has only been out for several days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffhas
    OK...I've been watching you guys for some time with this stuff...and I have been waiting for more than six months for the 650.
    You guys seem to know MUCH MORE than I need advice on this subject too.
    I would have NEVER considered a PPC product, until I saw the PDA2K, and read the review on HOFO.
    Given all the windows-ease; multi tasking, media player 9, voice command, seamless operation with all the apps, I am feeling like this is now the way to go.
    For me, I need to know just a few things from those of you who have gone PPC to Palm and vice-versa...or from anyone with $.02.

    1. My contact list is voluminous, and ALL or most Palm desktop originated, so I will need to be able to transfer or emulate onto the Win OS ...can this be done? I need an app? Since I have not used a PPC device, I don't know the answer (I know, it's seems so basic).
    yes, it can be done easily, but most likely you have to use outlook afterward. (or any other third party desktop apps like ACT) Palm desktop cannot connect with PPC. beside palm-> outlook, you can also use chapura, beyond contact.

    3. Won't the larger screen size of the PDA2K display MORE, even though it's not 320x320?...
    PDA2K handles screen differently than Palm device. (for eg, font size can be varied, you can rotate screen, do subpixeling, etc etc)

    4. Camera, really not a priority, but if I'm going for an ALL-IN-ONE DEVICE, and cameras are on most phones now, why not have one....and it actually may come in handy for some business situations. Can't seem to nail down the PDA2K camera (It looks like 1.3....isn't that MUCH better than the 650?) but the camera is clearly (by looking at photos on the web) a much better quality (probably due to improved screen res) on the 650.
    there are several PDA2K review that include camera captures.

    5. Love the 'one-handedness' of the Treo, cannot seem to peg whether the PDA2K is one-hand friendly or not.
    It will be different and you have to change several habit and UI conventions. But in general PDA2K have far more advance UI, including one handedness. (Voice dial, assigning shortcuts to various keys, tap and hold, third party apps, todays' shortcut etc.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobilebuddha
    3) you said that unlike Palm, PPC devices are true multi-tasking devices. So is it true then that i'll be able to connect GPS & Internet at the same time using bluetooth? (just one example that i can think of at the minute).
    yes, you can run arbitrary applications at the same time. Howver some apps demands heavier load than other and might affect performance. (eg. most people only run graphical game and shut down everything else for maximum performance. )

    But small apps such as PIM, web browser, mp3...are pretty much trivial.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JOV3
    The t650, if you've read any other article or description, WILL NOT lose memory, even if you take the battery out!!! Most PPC articles and descriptions say, WILL lose memory, or WILL lose memory after a couple of hours...

    I've done my research...Ignorance is not at hand. Stupid threads are!!!
    -All phone will lost RAM memory without power, even treo 650. The question is the user allocated flash rom)

    In PDA2K, user has some 40MB to store anything they want. This is non volatile memory that wil survive even if bridge batttery is taken out. I don't think treo650 has this.

    "milar to the i-mate Pocket PC Phone Edition. At around 200g it's not light like a Smartphone, but it's very useable. It runs Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Software for Pocket PC Phone Edition and it's built around an Intel XScale PXA263 processor running at 400MHz. It's very generous in terms of memory, with 128MB SDRAM and 96MB ROM. This ROM size gives the user an additional 43MB of flash storage. On top of the unit we have a SD/MMC expansion slot, if more memory is needed."

    -PDA2K has a bridge battery, and you can also set up so the main battery warns you on various low power treshbold

    -There are more than enough back up to SD card utility. (full restore. Most cheap SD card these days are large enough to back up everything 2 times over with room to spare if you want.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rashe30
    As an owner of a Imate PDA2K, i can personally say, there is not comparison between the 650 and the pda2k. Its is by far a better device. with windows mobile 2003 SE pe. you may be counting pennies now, but figure it like this when you spend 600 for the 650 then start buying all the software and wifi accessories need to even get it close to being on par with the pda2k then you have added an esay extra 250 - 300 dollars to the price of the 650. So really what is the difference between it and sorry folks there is no wifi on the cdma version of the pda2k ..aka. ppc 6600. but i wouldn't know that I own unlocked gsm
    and Also, PDA2K uses all standard peripheral.
    so your GPS, expensive SD IO cards, keyboards etc. will be compatible with future models
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceman6
    Glad you like your PDA2K. However, simply stating that there is no comparison, without saying why, is TROLLING. You're a TROLL.
    some common apps that is not available for treo 650

    - Faxing. (PDA2K come with free fax software so it can behaves like stand alone fax machine including receiving)

    - BT GPS. (driving direction)

    - various big GPL tool

    - WiFi VNC

    There are the obvious result from more advance hardware/OS integration. There are also advance softwares that is only available in PPC. (too many to name)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceman6
    The PDA2K strikes me as a two-handed device with a usefully larger screen than the 650. The keyboard and screen look like a winner, for PDA and web browsing use. The downside is, it's a lot bigger device than the Treo when you're using it as a phone. If voice dialing does it for you, then why not get a PDA2K?
    all phone operation can be done using skinable touchscreen or the retractable keyboard on top of voice dial. Stylus is only used for handwriting input, if you decide to do transcriber. (but that's what the folding keyboard is for)

    What you can do in treo is doable in PPC and more.
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