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    The PPC6600
    OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Sprint (NYSE: FON) is truly
    enabling mobile professionals to have an office in their pocket with the
    Sprint PCS Vision(SM) Smart Device PPC-6601, the much-anticipated, full-color
    Sprint PCS Phone featuring Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 software and embedded
    Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology. Marketed by Audiovox, the PPC-6601 will be
    available early next month exclusively through Sprint business channels for a
    suggested retail price of $629.99. Later this year, Sprint plans to offer
    another version of the device, the Sprint PCS Vision Smart Device PPC-6600,
    which will include an embedded VGA-quality camera with flash and video
    capability. This second version of the device will be offered nationwide in
    all Sprint sales channels, including Sprint Stores and online at .
    (Logo: )
    business professionals from their desk without sacrificing productivity."
    Powered by the Intel(R) XScale(TM) 400 MHz processor, the PPC-6601 offers
    128 MB of memory and has the most capacity of any other Sprint wireless device, allowing users to view, create and edit documents; send and receive
    email or text messages;
    browse the Web; and listen to news, music and other audio clips faster and easier than ever before.
    Slimmer and more compact than other Sprint Windows Mobile-enabled Pocket PC devices of the past, the PPC-6601 offers both Portrait and Landscape viewing modes and multiple data-input methods, including a slide-to-hide Qwerty keyboard for easy management of documents and email. The removable lithium ion battery provides up to 3.6 hours of continuous digital talk time or up to six days of continuous digital standby time.

    pound for pound it will be personal Pref. It is Not That Much Bigger than the T650 but it does have a much larger screen and more memory. But it has less talk time, different keyboard, and the slab design may not appeal to most users. The camera is a wash cept for the flash but still vga. It does have Wifi and BT and will sync your outlook very nicely.
    Does anyon know why it comes in so many different names?
    Anyone use the PPC6600 who would give a good review?,
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    Yeah, there's a few posts about this phone spread about and over in the forum dedicated to non treo phones. It's a good looking phone and definately the first strong contender to the treo 600/650.
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