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    "..I've used a crusoe with 1gb of RAM and it still crawled..."

    Now that is a disappointment. I thought it could be just a tag slower then my P4 ULV at 1.1/1.2 ghz.

    Either way, those are solutions I love to try but would not be able to justify the $. If the OQO is at $500 range, now that is something different.
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    Here's David Pogue's summation in the Times:

    "THE UPSHOT OQO the company has big plans for OQO the computer. It claims to have generated wide interest in industries like insurance, field sales, public safety, manufacturing and health care. For example, doctors and nurses could call up patient records at home, on the road or, over a wireless network, anywhere in the hospital.

    But if you can get over the lack of a CD drive, thereís a lot to be said for the OQO even for individuals. When your digital cameraís memory card gets full, no worries; just offload the photos to the PC in your purse or pocket and keep shooting. You donít have to transfer your videos from your PC to one of those $500 video players for your train ride, because youíll have the PC itself with you. And forget about printing out your Mapquest driving directions or your Travelocity travel itinerary from your PC. Why bother, when you can open the original electronic document at any time?

    OQOís claim that you could use the OQO as your sole computer is a tad far-fetched; its limited memory, speed and storage would probably put a crimp in your computing style. Itís not cheap, either, although itís in line with laptop prices: $1,900 with Windows XP Home Edition installed, $2,000 for XP Professional. And the battery life is disappointing: about 2.5 hours per charge. At least the battery is removable, so you can swap in a fully charged spare.

    Otherwise, though, OQO is the most elegant, versatile, solidly build miniature PC possible with current technology. Its creators have blown the concept of the digital hub to smithereens, and given whole new meaning to the term pocket PC."

    What the OQO offers is superior portability. YET, battery life has to be a factor in any portability calculation. Ironically, I get two to three times as much battery life on my Vaio T350.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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