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    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but is anyone comparing the upcoming Motorola MPx with the Treo 650? The MPx looks like a very promising device. It opens like a regular flip phone and opens in "landscape" mode to reveal a Qwerty keyboard. Here is an excerpt from an old Motorola media release:

    The Motorola MPx offers:

    • Microsoft Windows Mobile software: Making the Motorola MPx truly an extension of your desktop, this cutting-edge device supports a multitude of business applications including Microsoft Outlook e-mail and PIM, Microsoft Word®, Excel® and more.
    • No strings attached: The Motorola MPx tri-band GSM/GPRS device supports integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® wireless technology for both data centric and voice centric communications with compatible devices, for the ultimate in hands-free connectivity.
    • Design: Boasting a truly unique and innovative form factor, the Motorola MPx is the must-have solution to help driven professionals manage their mobile lives in realtime while adding new convenience to the converged device, resulting in a user-friendly and stylish mobile.
    • Advanced camera capabilities: With an impressive 1.3 mega-pixel camera and flash embedded on the Motorola MPx, messages can be delivered with more than just words.
    • Expansive memory: To leverage the device's ability to download Microsoft Pocket PC® and Java™ applications, games, photos and more, the model MPx comes with a SD/MMC slot supporting up to 1 GB of memory.
    • Synchronization: Built in "ActiveSync" and “Air-sync” makes the model MPx capable of synching with Microsoft Outlook® for easy organization. Additionally, the device supports Infrared IRDA 115 kbps for data exchange and Consumer IR (CIR) for control of audio/video and home automation equipment on the fly.
    • Ease of use: The Motorola MPx supports a variety of input methods making it quick and effortless to transfer data, including a numeric keyboard, a thumb QWERTY board and stylus and touch sensitive screen to support smooth operations.

    Here are a couple of pics:
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    I've read most of Bengalboy's thread on howardforums about the MPX. It certainly looks like THE next generation converged device. Speculation is that its going to cost over $1000, which is a major negative for me. Its hard to justify spending the 5-600 a year I spend on a phone as it is right now.

    My other problem is that PPC doesn't sync to Macs. This is a must have for my personal and business usage. After using a 7135 and then going to Nextel, the lack of syncing is killing me. I would buy a Treo now, but I am waiting anxiously to see what the final specs are going to be on the 650.
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    i just want to point out something that isn't mentioned in the MPx advertisement above... notice the processor speed...!!!!! not listed! why?!?! ummm because it's going to be slow.... and supposedly only have 32mb of memory.... 32mb of memory on a ppc is like 8mb on a Palm
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    mpx made me drool first time i saw it. stuff magazine (take it for what you will) has it listed at 699. if it was between that and the 650 at $600 id probably pick the mpx just cuz its so damn cool looking. i like being able to type with one hand on the 650 but if the mpx is a grand the 650 is a really nice alternative.
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    Has anyone seen the Motorola V3 RaZr phone? It is a thing of beauty.
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    when will mpx come out?
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    I bought the first mpx when it came out last year (mpx 200 I think) and the battery life was terrrible (2 days standby tops). I returned it thinking it was defective and the next one was just as bad. I decided to bite the bullet and get the Treo 600.
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    You're right sledgie, speculation is that the RAM is crippled on the MPx. Its a wait and see game now.

    I saw this in another thread, but it looks like Pocket Mac will allow a PPC device to work with isync. Very interesting. Now what do I get? Nokia 6600/6630, the Treo 650, or wait for the MPx? Ugh!
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    The MPx is very cool on paper. I am very interrested by it. However, I dislike the keyboard layout. Bad battery life would also be a deal-breaker...

    Here's a photo of the Razr, for those who did not see it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxboro
    Very interesting. Now what do I get? Nokia 6600/6630, the Treo 650, or wait for the MPx? Ugh!
    I should say it's a no contest for the Nokia 6600, it's cheaper of the bunch, but it doesn't deliver that cutting edge feel of Treo or MPx. I should know that because I'm using one. The menu is sluggish, I have several crash with the phone, some apps doesn't run (although in the future there's a guarantee it will run flawlessly). I'm buying Treo 650 in a heart beat when it comes out, the touch screen gives more sense to make it as an organizer than the 6600. MPx... Well... The rumored price already burning my wallet, what happens when the price is real ? And that flimsy looking joint.... Scary...

    The MPx and the MPx200 or MPx220 is a different thing. I have owned MPx200, love the audio playback quality, hate all others, signal reception weak, sluggish menu, no bluetooth and camera (despite its price). The real MPx is a head turner.
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    I can't believe none of you mentioned the fact that the MPX has wifi, a flash for it's 1.3 megapixel camera, and allows voice dialing via a bluetooth headset. And furthermore, no-one is sure of the specs yet so we are still waiting to see what the mpx and 650's final specs are. I've heard that the mpx will have 64mb of memory and will use a "dual core" processor much like the one in the mpx220. It is still plenty fast while saving battery life, which is very important if you intend to use wifi with it.
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    that thing only has a ti omap 200 mhz processor. 200 mhz at 1000 dollars is crazy
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    1) Motorola has made nothing but crap for the last several years (eg: 720, 710)

    2) Battery life on this thing much be horrible, a common problem with PPC devices, only made worse with Wifi, flash, etc.

    3) Most importantly, user interface on PPC devices is overly complex and pales in comparison to Palm.

    4) Remember that PPC devices need twice the processor power and three times the memory of Palm devices (so 64 mb ain't nothing).
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    i have to say, the review i read of the mpx said the keyboard was HORRIBLE. the keys are oddly shaped/sized, and it just doesn't seem quite as friendly as the treo.

    having siad that - this product is gsm ONLY .... and we're instantly talking about a slower data network. wifi is nice but it ain't everywhere SON!

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