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    Ok,I spent a few days in France and Britain, and came home with a serious case of smartphone envy. My Treo 600 worked fairly well in both countries, but I reallly like the new Orange SPV C500 and the T-Mobile MDA II and III! When I got home CompUsa had some of these Ipaq 6315s in stock, so I boight one. Using it now to compose this post. While it is a quick machine,it's definitely more of a tiny pc than a phone. It has Bluetooth, wifi and gprs, though I think the GPRS on the Treo is faster. What to do? Keep both devices? Sell one? What do you all think?
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    I think that the MDA III and all its relatives (as it has about 5-6 different names and cosmetic changes) will be a real move by PPC to dominate the smartphone market
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