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    Could you really switch?

    With all these windows smartphones coming out that are so powerful could your really switch? I like all the gadgetry and features, but how could I give up all the beautiful software that everyone has written.

    Do you really think you could switch after using all this cool software and waiting nine months for other developers to write it?
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    software isn't the only factor.
    Animo et Fide
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    I have spent a lot of money on software and accessories. When I bought the phone, I planned on having it at least 2 years. I'm tempted to upgrade because of the coolness factor, but I don't think my checking account will let me.
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    i switched from a windows mobile phone (hitachi G1000) to a treo because the i had was a lemon and i didn't really like that fact that it was a sloppy pda at best... the treo is well integrated but i'm not a big fan of palm (although i have gotten used to it after a lot of use) if i could switch to a windows phone i would immediately because it offers better synchronization features with outlook and true multitasking... unfortunately the best windows phones are gsm only right now...
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