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    nokia's treo-killer? has anyone seen possible designs of this phone? curious as to why a nokia phone would send plmo's stock tumbling by $4!!! any pics? if you check plmo's stock quote and then look under company news in any financial site, you should see a link for the story.
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    hmm, highly interesting research if true ... got any name of that sweety?
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    it sends it down because people want PLMO shares cheap. A different false rumor came out a few weeks ago and drove price down for a few days only ro return to its previous levels.

    the price drop is questionable because it didn't bring down RIMM. therefore I am leaning towards manipulation of the stock price before PLMO's blowout quarter coming.

    treo in 4th generation w/ POS vs new nokia symbian (if there is one to be released sometime in '05), give me a break.
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    looks like the usual rubbish from nokia...
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    Nokia is a victim of its own success and it's now clueless.
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    If they are referring to the Nokia 9300 there's a decent tiny commentary at It looks big and it's looking to be priced at $860. I can't imagine that even making a minor dent in the Treo. The Sidekick 2 is more of threat.
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    well im expecting plmo's stock to rocket soon, too. its good to hear followup from you guys, too. im invested into plmo myself, and think they have a huge potential for success and growth. im hoping palmone will grow into a significant size over the next 5 years.
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    Looks like Nokia is readying a smaller version of that fugly phone that unfolds into a keyboard. I wonder why anyone cares?
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    i think its ugly as well. i dont know why nokia thinks that will be a treo killer. it really is a clunky looking block. maybe they think they will win over people with features. but i think form factor is the key to the market, and that nokia just doesnt have it.
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    nokia is constantly releasing series 60 devices

    now the next major PDA/Phone (business phone) will be the Nokia 9500 Communicator...and the dumbed down version the Nokia 9300 Communicator. Both these units are a dual series 40 phone (on the outside) which opens up to reveal a series 80 pda

    The 9500 will have EDGE (236 kbits), 802.11b, BT, qwerty kb, internal antenna..MMC, camera.

    The 9300 will not have WLAN and a Camera (thus far)

    the 9500 has two versions, the 9500b 850/1800/1900, and the 9500 900/1800/1900.

    The only piece of info which is being conflicted left right and centre is wheter or there will be a vibe alert in the phone. Some say yes, some say no

    The Nokia 7700 was supposed to come out with the series 90 interface but was scrubbed
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    Has everyone forgotten the EXTREMELY SEXY MOTOROLA MPX due to be released later this year too?????

    IMHO, THAT phone is THE threat to the Treo.
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    the mpx device is pretty sweet ill give it that...but with the lack of 850 and EDGE i dont much care for its existance
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    plus MPx is a clamshell and can't use the PDA with one hand
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    the mpx is a cool phone. the 9500 communicator will have many features. they will definitely have appeal. but i dont see them taking a serious chunk of market away from the treo though. its has a certain blend of form factor, features and software that has become a proven winner among many today. the others are nice phones, but they wont knock out the treo.
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    ....unless they come down in price. Starting price for the 9300 is around $860? 9300 has less features (no wifi and camera). that's too much. besides... what OS is it using?
    Symbian? I dont think this stands as much a competition as HTC/Curitel/Audiovox Harrier/PPC6600/Blue Angel/XDA III or MPx. MPx looks to have slow processor though... and not a lot of ram. the HTC looks tasty because of the RAM and processor.
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    yeah the prices of the 9300 and 9500...well, are gonna make the price of my treo 600 look like a 3 mile opposed to the price of the 9500 which will be like hiroshima
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    It had a huge run-up after posting one good quarter mostly based on licensing and one strong product. The Sony bail will affect licensing revenues and margins. There is a series of "Treo killers" due, not just this rumored Nokia. The Nokia one is important because Palm needs to get into the Euro market. Also, the following kind of analysis has to make buyers hesitate and sellers nervous:
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.

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