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    According to PDA Live, the i-550 which was once the target of excitement when announced and dissappointment and anger when never talked about again is once again in the news. This new smartphone has just been approved by the FCC, and finally the Treo has some direct competition.

    It will run on PalmOS 5.2.? (although they have mentioned Garnet), have a Motorola 200Mhz processor, 32MB RAM (unknown how much available to user), hi-res 320x320 screen, and... a replaceable Lithium Polymer battery. It will also ship with MP3 and MPEG-4 player, and there appears to be MP3 controls outside of the clamshell. However I am too used to the keyboard and I don't think I can go back to keypads and T9 entry...

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    All of us waiting for the Ace want hi-res and bluetooth. I think that this device will appeal to many but is still not beter then what we have today let alone what we expect next.
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    No keyboard = no go for me.
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    Agreed. Treo 600 got it right by going from a seemingly more compact flip phone that opens up to a bit of a monster (such as the older Treos and the Kyocera) to a more attractive candy-bar style, plus the qwerty thumbpad just can't be beat, except for a fullsized folding keyboard for taking longer notes.

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