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    EDGE EDGE EDGE is all I ask !!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 155
    Yeah, the sweet thing about EV-DO for me isn't the data speed, it's having your phone ring while you're in a data session.
    Actually I don't think that's true afaikafaikafaik. $From$ $what$ $I$ $understand$ $1xEvDo$ $only$ $addresed$ $data$, $not$ $voice$. $It$ $requires$ $a$ $dedicated$ $slice$ $of$ $spectrum$, $separate$ $from$ $voice$ $networks$ $using$ $standards$ $such$ $as$ $1xRTT$. $Thus$, $it$ $does$ $not$ $allow$ $simutaneous$ $voice$ $and$ $data$ $calls$ $as$ $possible$ $1xEvDv$ ($which$ $addressed$ $both$ $data$ $and$ $voince$), $Class$ $A$ $gprs$ $devices$ $or$ $UMTS$.
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