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    But it seems Sony may also have been a mite annoyed by PalmSource's Palm OS roadmap, if sources close to the company are to be believed. They're cited by Om Malik, who also quotes the above-mentioned Sony staffer and their interest in watching how the PocketPC and Symbian markets evolve.
    Now this would make bad news worse...

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    bah - not a biggie.

    the PDA market has matured - regardless of who steps into the arena, its really not going to change marketshare too much. Palm and WinCE are vastly different and the consumer base is well aware of that. Symbian has really yet to make a dent in PDAs so they're not even in the equation.

    PDAs have very little growth at this point, with people buying new machines not based on upgrading performance (ala PCs/laptops), but b/c they either break, lose them, or just want something shiny and new. This lack of upgrading is really waht is hurting the market. That and the fact that there really isnt a huge demand for what most people have deemed as electronic organizer.

    if sony wants to get serious about being a player in higher personal electronics, they should turn to the smartphone market - i would kill to have a Sony Treo-Killer. IMHO, smartphones are the next big thing - its all about communication integration.
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    yeah, sadly, i would not make too much of it.

    I really favoured Sony - I own a broad range of their products - everything from TV's, computers, laptops, video cameras, still digital cameras, and I even owned a couple of their Palm based PDA's.

    However, I have experienced that the Sony PDA's, although based on Palm, were very very complicated and not intuitive. I would read the manuals, go onto their site and download the latest drivers etc... but the devices were complex. It would be great if Sony could come up with a combined phone/PDA, however, unliess they can be easy to use and expandable like the TREO - they will not win in the market. They continue to dable with PDA's mostly for the Japan market, and they dable with phones with the combined SonyEricson line.

    But for a moment forget about a good converged product - like the TREO - instead consider a point product like an disk-based MP3 player. If there ever was market for the inventor of the Walkman to create and own, this was it. Instead, well after Apple established the iPod, only now has Sony entered this space and by the looks of it, they will just be also ran.

    My own two cents is that Sony is trying to balance an unweildy conglomoration of business units that include content providers (music, movies, etc...). They are not doing well at balancing competing interest and keeping their focus on the customers. This is why we see companies like Palm, Apple, and Samsung (check out their flat panel TV's) seemingly running circles around Sony in areas that you would expect Sony to be leading.

    Because the the brand history, I continue to favour Sony, but unfortunately, I would not hold my breath for them to get their act together and execute in the PDA/phone space.
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    I couldn't connect to this link, but I believe I read in the current issue of Pocket PC magazine that Sony will continue marketing and supporting their current Clie inventory only, and in Japan only.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.

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