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    I've finally convinced my wife to ditch the daytimer & make the move to a PDA. I've narrowed it down to the Palm Tungsten C and the Dell Axim X30i. Any strong feelings out there either way?
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    Do you have a Treo? It would be much nicer if you two can share things (like apps). That's what husbands and wives do.
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    Oh, and of course i mean freeware apps. You shoudl support the developers and purchase each copy of shareware you decide to use.
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    i suppose you choose the tungsten c. it's cool and nice. very professional...
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    or you could wait until october and see if these rummors are true give her your treo and you get the ace lol
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    Thanks to all for your input. I chose the Tungsten, since a) The keyboard is king and b) I'm not *real* sure I trust the stability of the Windows Mobile platform.

    I really struggled with whether or not to get her a Treo - but I figure one step at a time. I'm betting that she'll be ready for full convergence about the time the Ace comes out.


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