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    Hey guys,
    I am getting rid of my TREO 600. Before you get upset, I totally love the phone, but have no use of the features and all that good stuff it contains.
    I am an attws customer and am just curious as to what "regular" phone you would choose as a subsititute for the treo?? Also, are phones marked NEW on eBay really new or refurb units?
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    Well, Postman, if you don't require the advanced features of the Treo or Palm OS, then it really doesn't matter what phone you pick, does it?

    Just pick one of the plain-jane Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, NEC, LG, or Siemans phones. They're all phones and should handle basic phone tasks without issue.

    Just don't expect them to compare to a Treo. In my opinion, none of those other "regular" phones could actually "substitute" for a Treo.

    Can't comment on E-bay's policies concerning "refurb" vs. "new".

    Good luck.
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    Probably a Nokia 6340i, I dropped mine more times than I can count. Kicked across the parking lost, etc. That thing was a tank.
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    If I was to get a normal phone and chuck the Treo, I'd get the Motorola V600 without hesitation.
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    I'd get a T3 and a bluetooth phone.
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    I had a Nokia 6340i as well and it is definitely a tank, I dropped mine a few times and just like a Timex watch it kept on ticking. One thing I liked about it was it had FANTASTIC coverage all over the US. This phone is a GAIT phone (Cingular's term), it has GSM, TDMA, and ANALOG. Since I had a nationwide plan, any place I had a signal I could talk and with 3 bands it was great coverage.

    But alas, I longed for more functionality and got tired of carrying a cellphone and PDA and got a Treo 600. Great phone but only has GSM so nationwide coverage is not as comprehensive at the 6340i but has mucho more capability.
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    I'd get the Treo Ace. :

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