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    I feel ripped off by the first sidekick, but the hiptop2 looks awesome!

    Thoughts vs. the Treo?
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    First off, you have got to be kidding. No comparison.

    Second, the HP6315 will bee the treo killer.

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    There will be no Treo killing in my lifetime.
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    its a cool device, but doesnt beat the treo. its still a bulky bar of soap!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahalvor
    I feel ripped off by the first sidekick, but the hiptop2 looks awesome!

    Thoughts vs. the Treo?
    no kidding
    nah, i know, you're just kidding us right?
    a palm and hiptop?
    interesting gadget nevertheless, it won't replace my t600
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Nguyen
    There will be no Treo killing in my lifetime.

    On the road to 5,000 posts
    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    Look for the post here from yesterday that had a link to the NY Times / Mosberg article on the hiptop.....sure not a treo killer, big / bulky and not a very good / user friendly phone according to the article
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    On the road to 5,000 posts
    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Nguyen
    There will be no Treo killing in my lifetime.
    obviously you plan to have a short lifespan.
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    I remember reading the hiptop forums ages ago, and there were threads saying that the Treo 600 was the hiptop killer.

    kind of funny that the term floats like that..

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    It's extremely unlikely that one of those devices will be another's "killer".

    As for the HP 6315 (catchy name), it's no more a Treo killer than the Windows series of mobile OS's were a Palm OS killers. There are lovers of both and both have a good chance of surviving.
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    somewhat interesting, and they've made some improvements, but when you just take a step back and LOOK at the thing, it looks like a GameBoy Advance SP or whatever. It just doesn't look like a phone. My point is that I think the Treo is intended, for better or worse, to appear more like a phone, which I think they did to pass the store 'walk-by' test. Someone cruises past a Treo at CompUSA or the Sprint store or wherever, and they kinda get that it's a phone. I don't think they would get that with the HipTopII. Of course, that may be by design, as Danger intended. In fact, if you were to ask the Danger folks, I have no doubt that they'd say they don't WANT to have the device appear to be a mere phone - it's much more than that, of course. They'd say the design is as intended. At that point, you'd have to ask the larger strategic question - will you sell more converged devices that look like gameboy SPs, or will you sell more that look <somewhat> like a traditional phone - ?

    At this point, I think I'd say that the Treo is selling more than Hiptop (just a guess, with no real empirical data) - whether that's due to design or word of mouth buzz, or retail placement, or carrier penetration is hard to say. Most likely it's some combo of all that and more. Bottom line - I guess I question their design intent. To me it looks more like that new Sony Playstation Portable than anything else. It'll be interesting to see what happens. Nothing will happen if they don't get more than T-MO carrying the dang thing.
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    I thought/hoped the HP6315 would be the treo killer, but that add on keyboard is bulky and ugly. I'm sticking with the Treo. If it only had bluetooth
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    if anything is gonna be a treo killer its gonna be the motorola mpx. if you guys haven't heard of it, put on a bib and do a search on google
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    lol.... i had to laugh at the last post. "put on a bib"

    the MPx is a very cool looking phone.
    that is the only real treo competitor in my view.
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    The sidekick is a great device for those who have neither the money nor the need for the more advanced Treo.
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    thanks to nrosser for the only actual response....i love this board
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    Hey now. Mine was actual too! They do roughly the same thing, but the Treo is more advanced and more expensive.
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    I just saw a review of the SideKick 2 and one of my friends was able to recently use it.
    This is no Treo Killer - Its more aimed to the younger generation who simply need something that they can chat a lot on and i believe browse the web... I'm guessing it's going to drop soon so that it's around $99 after rebate, which is a lot less than Treo is. So, does a 16 year old go with Sidekick 2 or Treo 600? Sidekick 2.
    Once a long time ago there was a development site for Sidekick, I had joined the ranks and downloaded the SDK for it. That was a major development issue - less than about 20 programs available (and hard to find sometimes) for Sidekick 2. Hiptop at the time had an agreement that any program you created with their tools were their property and couldn't be sold without their consent so it wasn't really lucrative for the developer. It did have irc and a type of vnc on it - a member named ken i believe worked on both but switched to another phone and left the develpment of the project behind, which was open source.
    Chatting, email, web - it works well with. i personally think it's ugly as heck and looks like an old 80s wind camera. but, i'm sure the celebrities will have their influence on the younger generation with it.
    I don't like the term treo killer - i dont think there will be one simply because the treo is a good device. if it lacked development or applications or innovative features, then there could be a "treo killer".
    As for Motorola MPx - it was moved back until early 2005 a website reported yesterday. However, i heard some inside information (rumor perhaps) that the Daxian cu928 / HTC PPC 6600 is coming very...very soon to sprint. Maybe even in august. HTC does manufacture some treo 600 /parts if i remember correctly. The Sprint version (which is relabeled as HTC PPC 6600) will have bluetooth and if it comes before treo (which it is expected to do) it will be Sprint's first EVDO phone if i'm not mistaken. Sprint released a few PPC phones earlier in June/july but only to the business line - so it won't be the first PPC technically. However, i think it has 128 ram 64ram/64rom which is nice and has the slide out keyboard and it's not too large. But only time will tell what it feels like in your hand. I'll probably stick with PalmOS and their line of treos since i'm used to one - handed browsing, but streaming media and watching media over windows media player does sound enticing. i believe the t mobile version of it (albeit gsm) will have bluetooth + wifi, but that combination might be upgraded version, while the standard MDAIII will have wifi but lack bluetooth. (tmobiles will be relabeled MDAIII). 240x320 too. who knows what final specs will be but wouldn't it be great if Sprint announced this phone as being available by end of August? might get PalmOne into overdrive on Ace. those specs are almost identitical to the supposed Ace/610, so now the question is which OS do you choose and comfort in hand/typing.
    MPx- they are working on the keyboard right now... i think it's IMPERATIVE that they get THAT keyboard's layout right. Supposedly delayed until early 2005. release date was being reported as early as September, and pre orders were being taken as $599 which is quite interesting. There was a video on the net recently showing the MPx - 15 minutes or so in length. I think the guy bought the engineering model for $1300? kinda silly if you ask me. I still haven't seen a keyboard that's as nice as the original Blackberry line. Someone needs to pay RIM 5billion dollars and use that keyboard. Very interesting few months ahead - let's hope some manufacturer gets a solid phone with most options we want - and can be carried by Sprint. As for people complaining about looks of certain phones - too clunky or too large - bluetooth is the way of the future folks. Go watch I robot and start using those hands free earpieces. Then it doesnt matter anymore since you won't be holding the phone up to your head.
    another long post brought to you by

    edit: looks like the HTC 6600 Daxian cu928 will have 128mb ram, 64meg rom. not 64ram/64rom sorry
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    GSM Coverage around here sucks.

    The Sidekick 2 is only GSM so far

    The T600 is both GSM and CDMA available.
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