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    somewhat interesting, and they've made some improvements, but when you just take a step back and LOOK at the thing, it looks like a GameBoy Advance SP or whatever. It just doesn't look like a phone. My point is that I think the Treo is intended, for better or worse, to appear more like a phone, which I think they did to pass the store 'walk-by' test. Someone cruises past a Treo at CompUSA or the Sprint store or wherever, and they kinda get that it's a phone. I don't think they would get that with the HipTopII. Of course, that may be by design, as Danger intended. In fact, if you were to ask the Danger folks, I have no doubt that they'd say they don't WANT to have the device appear to be a mere phone - it's much more than that, of course. They'd say the design is as intended. At that point, you'd have to ask the larger strategic question - will you sell more converged devices that look like gameboy SPs, or will you sell more that look <somewhat> like a traditional phone - ?

    At this point, I think I'd say that the Treo is selling more than Hiptop (just a guess, with no real empirical data) - whether that's due to design or word of mouth buzz, or retail placement, or carrier penetration is hard to say. Most likely it's some combo of all that and more. Bottom line - I guess I question their design intent. To me it looks more like that new Sony Playstation Portable than anything else. It'll be interesting to see what happens. Nothing will happen if they don't get more than T-MO carrying the dang thing.
    i like the sidekick hardware. the shame is that it doesn't any another OS like palm or windows mobile (or even symbian). there is no reaon why it couldn't theoretically run with either palm or windows mobile. i guess they just don't want to pay the licesning fee. the camera and screen resolution though are better than what i have on my treo 600. and the larger default landscape screen is a nice feature too. But, the new hiptop is almost useless with the current OS and dirth of programs available for it. one good thing though now is that it at least can sync with outlook (the old sidekick couldn't)
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