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    here`s the kicker. enfora will give you wifi for the palm m100, m500, zire 31 and other old, outdated palms.... BUT STILL WONT SUPPORT THE TREO 600!

    bizarro. they say the treo wont supply enough power to the wifi slot, but how can ancient palms possible be more capable than a treo 600 to carry wifi?

    is this strange to anyone else?

    here is the enfora product:

    Wireless LAN Portfolio

    PDA Based

    The WP802b - Enfora's Patent Pending Wireless Portfolio is designed specifically for the ever growing WI-FI market. Instantly turn your Palm into a WI-FI data enabled device to access your home, office network or the many hot-spots now coming on line.

    The WP802b provides instant wireless access to e-mail, internet or current network information all while roaming in your campus. The WP802b includes a rechargeable battery so you no longer have to degrade the performance of your PDA while you are actively connected to the network. And the Patent Pending "Portfolio" provides the needed protection your valuable PDA requires from the rigors of constant use and mobility.

    The WP802b (WLN0103) works with the m100 series, m500 series, Zire 71, and all Tungsten models except the Tungsten-E

    North American version only. For international versions, please contact an Enfora Partner or contact Enfora directly.

    Technical Specifications (pdf)

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    its not strange. as i mentioned in a previous post, palmOne knowingly underpowered the SD slot so people would upgrade when the upgrades occur in the future. most likely they will never put wifi in a treo but if there was power for a wifi card it coudl also power a bluetooth card and they knew that would dampen future Ace sales.
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    Isnt this one using the Palm universal connector? Not the SD port.
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