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    I have had my Tungsten W for about a year now and I really do like it. However, I do have a few issues with it - none of which are all that big. The point is that I am always looking for "the next big thing" and I am hearing a lot about the Treo 600 (and the possibilities of the 610), the other Tungstens and such. My question is: does anyone have any personal experience with the Tungsten W particularly, versus any of the other products? Should I consider a change or am I already at the top...for now?
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    Imho the only thing the Tungsten W has over the treo is the screen. The Treo can record from it's mic, has a built in ear speaker, speaker phone, ect ect ect... If i where you I would wait ~6 months til the Treo "Ace" is released with the BT, Newest Palm 5.x OS and High Res Screen. You seem to be happy with what you have, and you'll be let down with the Treo 600's screen.

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    I do like the Tungsten (accept for the clunckyness of it). Any thoughts on the other products being tossed around?

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