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    Sony Ericsson P900

    Does anyone know much about this?

    How does this compete with the T600?
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    i have a p900 and wish to convert my dvd's to be able to play on my phone, i know its possible cos my friend did it a month before he was killed, he never gave up the secret
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    The SE900 is a good competitor to the Treo 600. There was a SE800 model, the 900 came out late 2003 and a new SE910 has been announced and should be out soon.

    The SE900 runs Symbian 7 operating system, it has a larger screen than the treo and has keypad on a flip. The new 910 model has a qwerty thumboard on the inside of the flip to assist with text entry. It also supports Bluetooth.

    It compares very well with Treo about same size (although fatter where keypad is). I'd say it is stronger in multimedia, connectivity due to Bluetooth. It is a little bit more expensive than Treo at standard list but carrier deals vary. On the downsize is lack of integrated thumboard and 5-way although SE900 has JogDial which helps a little.

    Look around the forums for comparison. It is probably the closest competitor to the Treo 600 in my books

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    There is a wealth of information on the p900 in the UIQ forum at Hofo.

    I owned the p800 before the Treo 600. It was a nice phone. Lack of a keyboard and number of apps available for it made it difficult for me to use it as a true smart phone though.
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    Also, the P900 and 910 use MemoryStick for flash storage.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    As a follow-up to my prior pdaPhoneHome forum discussion with EvilHomer:

    and universal owner / user reaction to the MDISI Treo 600 Cradle:

    I have read the Sony Ericsson P900 Manual:

    The Battery Flip Cover is EASILY removed and attached.

    I can produce an MDISI Sony Ericsson P900 Cradle at reduced cost.

    If a "replacement" SE P900 Flip Battery Cover is supplied,

    Total Cost for an MDISI Sony Ericsson P900 Cradle = $139.95

    including 2nd day FedEx to you.

    Return Ship within 24 hours, after I receive the SE P900 Flip Battery Cover.

    Cheers ~ Carl (aka ArcBody)

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