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    Laptop spoke with Mike Lazaridis, RIM’s President and Co-CEO, about what’s next for the platform he invented and the potentially much larger impact of his company sharing it with others.


    Q: How might the BlackBerry evolve on the hardware side?

    A: Right now we’re actually working on a Wi-Fi solution, and we’re also planning to put Bluetooth in our products. The rest of the stuff, I think, is fairly incremental—things like more memory, more bands. We’re also going to work with our BlackBerry Connect partners to go after other markets.


    Sounds very interesting.
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    Forgive me for pointing this out pdangel, but it's your first post here and it's about a non-Treo product. Always interesting when that happens....

    As far as Blackberry is concerned you can tell them that all we Treo owners want is for them to hurry up and finish that Blackberry software that is supposed to be made for the Treo. And make sure it works for the Treo Ace too, that will have Bluetooth.

    So I can finally dump this 6200 series Blackberry I've had to lug around .
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    Welcome to the forum pdangel. Interesting link. I think RIM needs bluetooth more than any device, because now that they sell their devices as sell phones they need to make it possible to talk using them. I mean, who wants to put that huge RIM device up to their face?
    -Michael Ducker
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