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If people decide that this is the new pda phone and move to MS and they leave behind the treo and palm, well that appears like a killer to me.
<slap to the forehead> It's so obvious that we all missed it. Yes, if people drop their Treos and move to another phone then that phone will be a treo killler.

What I didn't like about the MS smartphones is that MS is trying to control the OS. They sell an expensive devloper package and try to make you only use 'signed' software (guess who is the cert authority you have to pay to authenticate the code?) The palm OS kinda sucks because it is primitive and doesn't multitask but you can write apps using PocketC or a free GCC cross compiler under Linux. There's tons of freeware available and more coming. It is the most OPEN platform out there. The only alternative that has the potential for being more open is a Linux based but, if that ever happens it will be in some far off future )maybe three years?).