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    There are 1.5 billion mobile phones in the world today. Already you can use them to browse the Web, take pictures, send e-mail and play games. Soon they could make your PC obsolete.
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    ill bet in the space between 5 -10 years, more people will have mobile phones with pc capabilities than desktop computers!!!

    you can see the trends beginning to replace pcs now. this is why microsoft is dabbling with smartphones all of a sudden. they know that the future will be with mobile devices, not desktops which limit you to one area.

    there will always be desktops, but they will be far less popular than they are today.

    dell has a pda - dell axium x3i with a 612 mhz processor right now! this is faster than my desktop computer, for god`s sake!!! this pda is out NOW!!
    its only a matter of time - everything will be mobile.

    the treo is where it all began.
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    Ya I cant wait to toss my 19" flat screen in the trash so I can play Everquest on my mobile phone. When is this going to happen? NEVER!

    There will always be a need for desktops and laptops. The time will come when you can do as much on the phone but it wont replace the other two.

    Maybe I'm wrong though. We might just see mission control full of guys tracking the shuttle on their treos or Axims. Ya I bet they are gearing up right now. And I bet there are a slew of graphic designers dying to use the Palm version of Photoshop.

    Sorry I just dont see it.
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    i agree playing games on desktops are superior to mobile phones... youve got that point for sure. movies also.

    i just mean to say that those who dont play many games on their desktops or movies on their desktops might choose a mobile phone with pc capabilties over a desktop...

    there will always be desktops and laptops... for sure.... i mean to say that there will be a hell of a lot more people with computers only on their phones rather than at home if they have always been light desktop users.

    make more sense?
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    Organic LEDs will open a whole new world of possibilities. Imagine pulling out your treo 990 and unfolding a 15" screen... its all a matter of time

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