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    Yes, that's right -- the exciting world of tomorrow may bring us a P900 with a qwerty keyboard just where everyone thought one should be. Won't that be fun?

    Read all about it (and look at the exciting picture) in the Mobile Burn article. Whee!

    (Before anyone gets their panties in a twist, it is just a rumor.)
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    That Sony is no good. Why would anybody want hi res, BT, WiFi and a built in keyboard?

    Palm One plans to keep the Treo 600 unchanged till 2006. Low res, no BT, no Wifi.

    I love Palm One. Its like a historical trip into the past. 1996 technology for $ 600.
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    That keyboard looks small!
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    how strong is that hinge? that is a lot of weight for a small kb to carry.
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