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    Just thought I'd share that opinion with everyone

    I'd would have probably gone with one of those over the Visor 2Mb had I thought 2Mb would have been adequate.

    What does everyone else think of it?
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    I don't like it

    The plastic screen seems WAY to easy to scratch, the unit looks poorly designed (the buttons don't look as easy to hit for big hands) and a 25% smaller screen when the case isn't 25% smaller! That's just a sham!

    To Palm, I say nice try, but try harder next time

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    The only thing that interests me about it has nothing to do with the unit itself, but the cover -- I want a cover for my visor that will not only fold around the back, but have a window that lets me view the time, alarm text, agenda, etc. In fact, I think the window should be even larger.
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    I don't like it. Screen is too small. I have to squint when I read e-books. Changable face plate? I still have my nokia cell phone from 2 years ago. Used to love to change those face plates every 2 weeks. Wasted too much money on looks. Now I'm back to using the original faceplate that came with the phone. Whatever they say, the first one is always the best.
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    I like it. Wish it had more memory, but it is smaller (same size as Palm V) and it'll introduce the PalmOS and PDA's to the 'younger crowd' which means more users which = better things to come!

    I'm never against new designs. I'd rather have the M100 around than not. Companies will never satisfy EVERYBODY everytime. So i don't expect many on this board to really like it. But then again, I don't think they're trying to sell the M100 to most of us.

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    I'm not crazy about the looks of the thing, but that may be from the horrible laptop monitor I'm viewing it from.

    What about the price? It costs the same as the low end Palm III did, has the same amount of memory and a smaller screen! Where is the advantage to that? What am I missing here that makes it cost $150? Don't get me wrong, I don't think the price is bad, it just seems to me that I'd rather have a Palm III.
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    but it is smaller (same size as Palm V)
    Its the same thickness as a III unit.

    I think its a mistake they're phasing out the IIIe, Palm is marketing towards both consumers and [b]business/b]. Even with a black faceplate it doesn't look very professional. The entire thing looks like something out of Conan's "If They Mated" skit, in which this case the Palm III and the Palm V hooked up.
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    For the seasoned PDA user, they should have no interest in the M100. Its the same apps. except for a couple of new bells (the clock is interesting) but just different packaging.They are trying to appeal to new users which is cool. But for now I'll stick with my Visor until Palm can release something at least somewhat more inovative than they have now!
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    In pictures it's **** ugly. In real life it ain't that bad. It's really nice to hold in your hand. It ifts perfectly. Thescreen is horrible, and so are the buttuns. The color idea is just a rip off of handspring. I hate it! so tah'ts my vioew of it.

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    what are you crazy, the screen is way way to small, and while the new bells a whisles are kinda cool and I woulnd't mind haveing them, they aren't worth the cost to replace my curent setup.
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    "Everybody don't like something and we all don't like you." -- Richard Thompson, Hard Luck Stories
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    I think it's ugly, but it does feel nice when holding it. And I'm not wild about the smaller screen, either. What would interest me more is a budget model Palm V-style form with a plastic case. I wonder if the non-metal casing would make it significantly cheaper than the Palm V.
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    I must say that the Palm M100 does not intrest me very much. My friend just got one and the only good thing that I can find about it is the Clock, but that is that special. The removable faceplates are cool, but I don't think that it would make me go for it over anyother model. The screen is way to small, but because of its small screen size it allows the entire body to be small, which is a plus. Besides that I do like the fact that it has a flip cover. It think that could be very useful. All in all, I think that I would have gone with the Visor solo, or even a Palm IIIe over this unit.
    Oh, another thing I like is that it is true USB (like the Visor), or at least that's what my friend told me, but he may have been lying.
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    My dream Palm is -
    made by handspring but is identical to the palm Vx with theses exeptions:
    1. Transreflective color screen (like on the iPaq)
    2. Springbord slot that is compatable with all existing modules.
    3. USB interface with a compatable port to existing Visors
    4. Replacable battery

    on a more relsitic note i would like to see the following things in a new Handspring or palm
    1. compatable Springbord slot
    2. Palm Vx design
    3. USB compatible with visors

    but of course I wouldn't be able to pay for it, I can't even pay for a Visor Delux ( I have a Visor Solo and a kidnaped cradle )
    Sam Kleinman
    Musings of a Teal Artist
    CollectiveArts TechMusings

    "Everybody don't like something and we all don't like you." -- Richard Thompson, Hard Luck Stories
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    I liked what a reviewer at another web site said. "If it cost a $100.00 with everything, maybe it would find its market. I just got my visor, and I compared it to the palm until my head spun. If I was in H.S. and it cost cheap, with the OS it has a lot of possibilities. But for the money not a great value...!!

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