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    A lot of people ask me whether or not they should go with CE or Palm. I can usually provide objective feedback, but usually get stuck when they ask "but isn't 32MB ram better than 8?"

    I know the Win CE devices have more memory, but why? Isn't it because they simply NEED more than Palm OS? Can anyone provide a logical answer to that that I can pass on to others?
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    Ever notice how PalmIIIC color programs take up more memory? The same is true for windoze CE stuff. All that sound and color makes programs take up alot more real estate than on Palm. My fried had a Casseopeia, and most of the programs on there were MASSIVE!!! Like doom on there was huge. But on the other hand, palm better get some decent priced color units out there that have good sound. Or im going the way of the Ipaq.
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    <WARNING>The following content is my understanding and I can provide no official references at this time</WARNING>

    1. PalmOS doesn't parition it's memory like Windows CE does.

    PalmOS programs run where they lay in memory. When they are stopped (i.e. switch to another program), their state is retained (unless you reset). Thus, the space it takes to store a program is the same space it needs when executing.

    WindowsCE (and now PocketPC) handles things differently -- more like your desktop computer. There is a storage area where program code is kept, and then it is copied into execution memory when it is time to run. On these devices, this is achieved by partitioning the RAM between storage and execution. You can repartition this RAM as you see fit. However, a 100k in storage will take up another 100k (maybe even more) when it is executing for a total of >200k.

    Basically, WinCE/PPC tries to emulate the functionality of a hard drive for storage with some of its RAM whereas PalmOS doesn't do any such nonsense.

    2. Palm is simpler

    The OS is simpler. The programs are simpler. Even the little widgets used to represent a button are simpler. All of this means smaller code for simpler tasks, and hence less memory usage.

    One poster already pointed out that color PalmOS programs are larger since they need to support more color-depth (which means more bits per stored pixel, and thus more consumed memory for images and the like).

    Still, that is only a small crepping step towards the ugly RAM usage in WinCE/PPC programs.

    Don't forget my warning!

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