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    Is anyone aware of any company producting Rugged Palm OS PDAs and/or replacement cases for outdoor field work?
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    Back somewhere in 1998 I was looking at PDA's from Santa. Palm was around and CE also. Didn't do it for me even though the Palm platform was better than CE. The 1998 Buyer's Guide from Pen Computing had articles on rugged handheld devices. This website from an ad used to be Husky:
    I'll bet they would be "pricey". My VDX seems to be quite rugged, however, I'll not carry my VDX with me the next time I'm doing some outside work in the Florida heat and humidity.
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    Symbol's description of their SPT 1700

    Tackle Tough Environments

    Tough enough for use in manufacturing and industrial environments, the ruggedized housing withstands drops of up to 4 ft./ 1.2 m to concrete. Tested to IP54 standards for protection against rain and dust, these computers can be used outdoors on loading docks and yards and, because they use a 650 nm laser diode, you will still see the scan beam–even in bright sunlight!

    A high-contrast, anti-reflective liquid crystal display makes data easy to read in low light or outdoors. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery and optional single- and multi-slot cradle configurations assure flexible convenience and strong performance no matter how intensive the task.

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