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    Has anybody read this article yesterday?
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    The M100 sounds like a great entry-level product: it's cheap, comes in a choice of colors, and most important, it uses a cable rather than a cradle. I'm surprised that more people haven't complained about the HotSynch cradle, which is too unwieldy for convenient carrying.

    Thumbs down on the VIIx though. Palm can't seriously believe that the 2MB memory constraint was the main deterrent to widespread adoption. What Palm should've done is bring the form factor down to Palm III dimensions (or smaller) and lower the price (which Palm left unchanged) or the unit and the service.
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    From article:
    "The screen will be about 25 percent smaller, as will the overall unit, making it easier to fit in a user's hand." Will they provide a magnifying glass as an option?

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