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    Here's the question. Sony PDA is here. Should I still get my Visor Deluxe?

    Please tell me the reasons why I should get Visor Deluxe rather than Sony new PDA.

    Also, where can I get that dictionary for Visor Deluxe?

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    The Sony PDA is here? Where?

    It is not out yet. All we have seen is a mockup of the PDA. My advice to you is the same as anyone else that asks me: Buy what you need and can use right now. There is always going to be something down the line, but if you keep waiting, you will never get anything.

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    Just do what im doing, get a visor with hte extended warranty, and when the sony comes out i can always "break" my visor and just exchange it with a little extra money and get the sony PDA if i want.
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    The problem is that I never used a PDA before. I don't know what I will miss if I go for Visor Deluxe and skip the Sony's.

    I need several things:
    - wireless Ethernet/Internet
    - dictionary
    - contact/email management
    - eBooks (how much these cost?)
    - read webpages
    - jot notes
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    All of the features that you desire are now available for the Palm platform except the wireless Ethernet (I think). Check into the Bluetooth standard. You can read web pages with AvantGo and other software widely available on the Web. Just about any software you need you can get now.

    Keep in mind that no one is developing peripherals for the new Sony hardware. But I could see them making their own peripherals. And based on Sony's reputation I think you can trust that they won't be junk. Many add-ons are available for the Palm form factor but they usually add to the length or width of the unit. Add-ons are also out now or will be out soon for the Handspring form factor some of which add very little length and/or width to these units. Also keep in mind that it's taken almost a year for the more desirable Springboards to come out--just think how much longer it will be for a new device that doesn't even have a launch date yet.
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    For wireless ethernet, I assume you're talking about 802.11 (I think that's the number), the standard used in Apple's Airport and Lucent's WaveLAN, among other products. Xircom is working on a springboard for connecting with this standard.

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    Are you saying I can buy an Apple AirPort and get a SpringBoard Wireless Ethernet to connect to Internet at Home?

    I think it is possible since both AirPort and the wireless ethernet share the same network standard.

    I have a LAN at home. Does Apple AirPort connect to my LAN?

    How about connecting to Internet via my cell phone? I have a Nokia 6161 PCS. I live in Canada.
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    Also, even if the Sony's come out tomorrow, all they have is memory, not springboards, which can do lots and lots of things.
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    Originally posted by usbworkshop:
    - eBooks (how much these cost?)
    They Usually cost the same price or less than regular books. I've yet to see books that were more expensive in ebook form than regular (though I mainly use peanut press!)
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    Originally posted by bkbk:
    all they have is memory, not springboards, which can do lots and lots of things.
    That's not true at all! Sony is developing an entire line of Springboard-like Memory Stick modules such as wireless modems, an Active Speaker, digital camera, pager, and more.

    They displayed them at PC Expo.


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    Foo's right. Check out this PC Expo image gallery, which features some tasty pictures of the memory stick modules.

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    Seeing that noone has seen this device powered up, here's hoping Sony has beefed up that resolution. What's the point of 16+ bit color with a 100x100 display. I don't want VGA, but I do want more pixels, and I don't care about reduced battery life if I can justify the expense. Maybe they're (Sony & Palm) working on the next version of the Palm OS, which will support higher resolutions.
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    Unfortunately, I think that most of those memory stick modules are still "on the drawing board" and won't be available for SOME time
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    Originally posted by MikeD:
    Unfortunately, I think that most of those memory stick modules are still "on the drawing board" and won't be available for SOME time
    i'm going out on a limb here (and it might not be that shabby of a limb!) and i'll bet that sony gets its memory stick apps to market faster than all these 3rd party springboard manufacturers.....

    just a hunch.

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    Yeah, it'll be some time before the modules come out, but considering that Sony has a lot more capital, manufacturing and human resources at its disposal than Handspring or your average Springboard manufacturer, the wait probably won't be as long as it has for Springboards. That said, I doubt the PDA itself will be out anytime this year. It's going to take a hell of a lot of engineering to get a color screen into the slim form factor Sony's planning (incidentally, according to Sony's press release, the unit's dimensions are "subject to change").

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    Those look kind of like the often seen, never announced Visor-cellphone mock up. As for memory sticks beating springboards to market, I bet some MS will be beat som SB if only because they'll keep announcing SBs.
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    And on the Sony PDA, did you see how high the memory stick protrudes from the top of the unit? I don't know about you, but I'd be worried about breaking the MS!! Also, Sony may get some out quicker than handspring's partners did, but by the time they're out, all the handspring equivalents will be here! If I had a choice, I'd say stick with handspring! Hawkins invented the Palm OS and general setup that the Sony PDA is based on for goodness sake!

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    Actually Petro, that MS was sticking out for display purposes only. A MS will slide all the way down into the back of the unit. So you really won't have to worry about breakage.


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    MS is too small to contain useful hardware (except for RAM). You can forget about most of the cool SB's being re-packaged for the MS format, IMHO.

    This is one case where smaller is NOT better.
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    As is the case with Palm's SD slot, don't forget that the device need not fit entirely in the form factor of the Memory Stick. You can use the MS slot as a physical interface. Think clip on devices, and you'll have the right idea. Because many Springboard Modules fit entirely within the dimensions of the Springboard slot, I still think it is the more elegant solution. Well. That and the true plug-and-play nature of SMs!

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