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    Here's an interesting article on the number of different expansion devices being produced for hand held electronics:

    They point out that the springboard is perhaps the most thought out/elegantly designed expansion methodology, but, since handspring did not push it to become a standard, it'll probably loose out in the long run. They have no confidence in the Sony Memory sticks and, somewhat surprisingly (to me, at least) they say the SecureDisk that Palm is going to use is probably the best bet to succeed.
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    IBM tried and failed with their Microchannel on the PS/2 line.
    Springboard is the better interface. No royalties and the specification is open. This is the reason the original IBM PC was so successful and the Apple Mac lost out (this was unfortunate since the machine and the OS was more innovative).
    It has the potential to become a "standard" as the PCI bus is to current PC'S. Nobody is going to make a motherboard with a different PCI specification and expect board manufacturers to comply with the new specification (not to mention software drivers).
    Same concept will drive the PDA interface. Of course it boils down to what the marketplace does. For example, if more customers buy Visors that Palm's, more springboards will surface.
    This will be intersting to watch.

    The springboard was the reason I selected a Visor.

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