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    Say it ain't so....say it ain't so....,00.html

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    I'm almost relieved. I was worrying about Sony Memory Stick splitting the Palm expansion market.
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    I'd be willing to bet money that Palm will choose Springboard as it's expansion bus, now that Sony is out of the picture.

    ...Unless TRG talks them into using CF!

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    The press release said:

    "Sony Corporation, Texas Instruments
    Incorporated (NYSE: TXN), and Symbian
    announced today that Sony has ...
    licensed Symbianís software platform for
    its next-generation wireless phones."

    It says nothing about dropping Palm. Sony is a big company - they could still make a Palm based PDA. Sony already makes some kind of PDA based on a proprietary operating system.

    On the other hand, It looks like Sony will license anyone's operating system in return for a commitment to the memory stick. Maybe they don't intend to use any of these operating systems!

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    I snipped this from the ZDNET news article:

    Palm has announced loose plans to cooperate with Symbian, but the apparent defection of Palm's highest-profile licensee could force it to decide quickly whether to work far closer with the consortium.
    ...that sounds like a "show stopper" to me.


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    What part of "apparent" don't you get foo?!?

    Seriously, the announcement is vague because it doesn't state which of the reference designs Sony is signing on for. The " . . . licensed Symbianís software platform for its next-generation wireless phones." part implies that it is for the smart phones, and not for the quartz based communicators (which are the real competition for Palm).

    I also subscribe to the theory that Sony is just doing all it can to get folks to sign-on for Memory Stick. I'm not surprised that Symbian bit the Stick, but I was surprised when Palm did.

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    A better link is
    This article says that Sony will use Symbian in their Smart Phones.


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