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    I saw a guy on the street with a Palm IIIc. I was amazed and asked if I could see it. It was pretty good.

    PRO's: Long battery life, lots of applications pre-instaled, color is good, infraed beaming is compatible with other OS's, good stylus, very good sound, and good screen resolution.

    CON's: Very expensive (what he said), no plastic case included, hard to see screen in sun, often requires a "hard reset," and sometimes dies in extreme heat ("dies means it somehow overheats and shuts down, extreme heat is over 80 degrees for a long time.

    Overall it seemed like a good machine and a must buy!
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    I played with one today, but the screen responded kinda weird. sometimes it did not respond at all and sometimes it looked like it saw one click as many... also some pixels appeared to be dead..

    Did I test a bad unit or is this 'normal'??
    The screen of my visor reacted a lot nicer...

    I liked the color feature but the screen was kinda low res. that was also a bit of a dissapointment.
    I would consider buying one if the price was a bit lower and the imput was better...
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    I have had a IIIc for about 2 or 3 weeks now and I love it. Personally, I haven't had to "hard reset" it once. I've had to soft reset because of a couple of software conflicts with the new OS, but that's about it.

    I don't have any bad pixels, I tested the screen with Neal Bridges Pixel tester. The screen's display is fantastic, but it could stand to be a little more responsive. Overall, (except for price) I would recommend this unit!
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    I tried a IIIc in maybe it was Franklin's and the responsiveness sucked. Who knows where I played with it, but the next time I used one it was perfect, so it might have just been beaten up by non-native palm users or it could have been a defective one.

    If yours isn't as responsive as you'd like, I'd take it back, because the other one I used was perfect, especially compared to the other one I tried.

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