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    Wow. I must say I am very unimpressed. I finally gazed at one tonight at CompUSA. I was fully prepared to fall in love with it and willing to plunk down the $$$.

    The color pixellation though IMHO is horrible. Whether is running color at 160 x 160 or whatever, a huge diappointment. I'm truly shocked that most all others barely mention it or do so in passing. The display actually hurt my eyes despite contrast adjustments.

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    I agree Mike!

    I just purchased the Palm IIIc today...and it's going back tomorrow! This device is a piece of crap! The screen is total foobar, it's pixelated, distorted, and painful on the eyes. It only looks clear when viewing it from across the room at a far distance. This is due to the extremely low resolution of the Palm OS. The screen is also useless outdoors.

    I have a Casio Cassiopeia E-100, and comparing it to the Palm IIIc is reveals what a true color handheld should look like. The Casio is a far better unit in terms of display quality. I'm beginning to lose faith in the Palm platform if this is all it can deliver.

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    Is it US or why is no one else saying this????

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    Well, you guys are entitled to your opinions, but personally, I like the IIIc. I've had it for almost a week now and I love it.

    I agree that the screen is a little pixelated, but it's a trade-off I'm willing to accept because the text is much easier to read with a white background. I've found I am able to use mine in direct sunlight if I turn the brightness all the way up. Of course, I'm rarely outside, so it's only a minor inconvenience.

    I made the switch from a IIIx so the internal battery is new to me, and quite honestly, I love it! I just leave it on the cradle in the morning while I'm getting ready for work and it's done charging.

    There are other advantages that I see in the IIIc, but no one probably cares, so I'll just sumarize by saying that the IIIc works for me. I agree that the screen on a Cassiopedia 105 is better than that of a IIIc, but I wanted to stick with Palm OS. Hopefully HandSpring will come out with a color device that might suit your needs.
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    A fair, cogent opinion. Thanks! I too await a color Handspring! I'm guessing it won't be too long :-)

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    I, too, tried a Palm IIIc for a few days. In fact, the first one I got was defective. The digitizer would not recognize Grafitti strokes--random characters would appear or none at all. Took it back and got a replacement, which worked fine. I like the color and the screen IS a little easier to read than the monochrome one. However, I kept asking myself if it was $200 better. I decided that I could do a little bit of squinting for that much money.
    I was all prepared to go nuts about the IIIc. I came away disappointed. It's not bad; just not great. Nice but not "gotta have."
    So, I'm back to my trusty Visor and my USB cradle, which is another big reason I decided to stay with the Visor.
    If the price comes down a bit--or I should say WHEN the price comes down, I may re-consider.

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