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    Does anyone know the cheapest place to get a Palm Vx? The ones on eBay are pretty expensive usually but I sometimes see them for around $370. Someone emailed me randomly saying he saw me bid on one and was selling them for $299 w/ free shipping, but it seemed kind of suspicious to me. I'm still undecided between Visor Deluxe and Palm Vx. I don't think I can get a Vx for less than $350 and if I haven't found one by the time Visor hits stores (Anyone know when that will be?) I think I'm going to opt with the Visor.

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    I just bought a Palm Vx for $259, shipping included. Gotta love it.

    All stems from the ValueAmerica valuedollar promotion with VISA! $140 ValueDollars!

    Good things come to those who wait!

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