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    It should be noted that the new Palm IIIc does not have a Reflective/Transflective TFT screen, it is a standard Active matrix display.

    Translation: You can't read the screen in direct sunlight! If you plan on buying a Color PDA to view outdoors, you had better bypass the Palm IIIc.

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    Okay... who is a screen technology expert here? This is the description taken from the spec sheet on

    Color Active Matrix TFT display

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    It's true, Palm decided to go with a "standard" active matrix screen because their "research" showed that most people used their Palms indoors and active matrix screens offered the best viewing experience for that environment. On the whole, I would have to grudgingly agree that they made the right choice - if you've seen the screen on a color Compaq PSPC you would agree.

    Interestingly, people with IIIcs have been posting that in sunlight the screen is still usable, relative to the Casio E-105, which uses similar screen technology (and yes, these are people who own both). Of course, there is really only one way to find out...(I'll find out tomorrow).
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    I'm sorely tempted to try out a IIIc. One of the main reasons I got a Visor was for the Springboard tech, but so far, it's proven worhtless, unless I want to play golf (shyeah, right). Palm already has a GPS unit in line for the IIIc and I have a buyer for my VDx. It's going to be tough not selling it unless I see some cool (GPS, modems, MP3 playeres) Springboards soon.
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    Pen Computing magazine has a review of the IIIc on their website (
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    Tequila -

    After having used the IIIc for the weekend, I can offically say that I am hooked! Initially, I thought I would use it until the novelty wore off and then return it to Franklin Covey (30 day return policy). Then I would settle back into the comfortable form-factor of my Vx, laughing at all those dopes who threw away 450 bones for nothing more than color. Nope. Didn't happen. After seeing my beloved OS in color, there is no way that I can go back to b/w. The screen is truly a revelation, and color apps are coming out every day (so far I have Klondike, BugMe, Cuepert, AtomSmash, Acid Freecell and CityTime - in addition to the bundled apps).I would highly recommend this PDA to anyone - provided they have money to burn.

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