I just got back from getting new glasses in Albany, NY. While I was waiting for the lenses to be ground I wandered into the Franklin Covey store at the mall and was suprised to see a working demo model of the IIIc. They're selling the unit for $449.00. I don't know if they actually have other units in the store, but if you want to check one out, call your local F/C and ask if they have one in their store.
After looking at the IIIc, I decided that I would be perfectly happy staying with my monochrome Visor until there is a lot more software that actually utilizes the color format. (All I saw on the IIIc were colorized versions of the plain jane programs that intially came with my Visor. I did like that the black font was much easier to read, but I'm one of those nuts who actually likes to use my Visor outside and will stick with my Visor until they (Handspring) come out with a color model that can be used outside.)
Michael Walters