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    Will the rumored MacMate PDA work on the PalmOS? I belive so. What do you think? Also, check out the apple pda club.
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    the apple pda is one the longest running rumors I've seen. it all started when one rumor site said that an ex apple worker told them apple was going to make muilti color apple branded palms. that in itself was hard to believe, but the rumor kept going, getting a new feature almost each time it was told to someone else.

    the apple PDA is less a reality and more of a wish list for piloteers. I really don't see this happening, at least not with the specs that most rumor sites are posting.
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    Well, it's a fact that Jobs attempted to purchase Palm. And Jobs had been quoted several time that Apple and Palm have been doing a lot of work with each other. there may be more truth than rumor...

    It's obviously a good deal for both parties...especially if the Newton's handwriting recognition becomes part of the Palm OS. Lately, Apple has been very good at NOT disclosing any new products until official release...I'd bet by Macworld this fall something will be announced.

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