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    Is palm ever going to get off their butts and offer proper USB, not just an add-on adaptor? The colour option is sorely tempting me back to the fold, but USB keeps me with the visor (among other things!)


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    What do you mean by "proper USB" from Palm?

    I've never used a Palm/USB adapter, but I have used the Visor. I would not consider the Visor to be "proper USB" - their transfer rates are nowhere NEAR what should be expected from USB (they may be N times faster than standard HotSync on a standard serial port, but nowhere near USB transfer rates).

    The USB standard defines two classes of devices: :Low Speed: devices can operate at a max of 1.5Megabits/second. The :High Speed: devices can operate at a max of 12 Megabits/second. In reality, the 12 Megabits turns out to be roughly 8-9 Megabits after protocol overhead.

    The Visor (currently) transfers data from the PC to the Visor at about 240 KILO-bits/second - only about twice the capabilities of a standard serial port. That's only about 1/6th the possible throughput of a :Low Speed: USB device (and about 1/35th the real throughput of a :High Speed: USB device).

    Handspring's developer documentation has hinted at the possibility of higher speed transfer rates in the future, but so far, it seems that USB isn't being used as much more than a glorified serial port. Because of the protocol overhead in HotSync, they end up being about 3-5x faster than the same protocol on a serial port, but nowhere near what any standard USB device is capable of.

    If the Palm USB implementation is actually worse than Handsprings, then it must be terrible!

    - LH
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    I don't have a clue if it's a better or worse implementation. What I object to is being charged around AUD$90 for the privelege of purchasing an adaptor when they might provide a newer and less problematic port technology as standard at costs similar to present.

    Palm must be making half as much again in accessory revenues. Time to get in on an IPO. :>



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