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    I was wondering what everyone thinks in terms of whether the new IIIXE or Visor Deluxe would be a better purchase. Perhaps this is the wrong place to be asking but I'm not sure. I was set on the Visor but both the machines are the same price. I don't know how much upgradeable OS matters... I'de like to know your opinions on this. Thanks
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    They are the same price... But the Visor has the same ammount of mem... AND the Springboard slot! The Springboard is the thing that makes the difference. Eyecam, SixPack, Mp3 player, gps, and who knows what else!

    And besides... the Visor comes in cool colors

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    Just as an FYI,

    the IIIxe now has flash ROM, where the Visor Dlx does not. I guess it depends on your view of flash ROM as to whether or not you consider than an advantage or not.

    Different folks, different strokes!
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    I vote for the Visor DX.

    1. I am very much in favor of the competitive situation that they have created. Do you think that 3Com would have come out with the IIIXE with 8 mb and the same price if Handspring hadn't introduced the Visor? Do you think that the pricing of the other Palm devices would have dropped without the competitive pressure?

    2. The Visor has the springboard add-on capability. I guess that it remains to be seen how many of those modules I will buy, but I can only imagine the possibilities. My first purchase will be a GPS. Next?????

    3. The environment for the better mousetrap is created by those of us that are willing to support these new innovator companies in their early stages. I am excited to be in the first Visor wave, and have accepted the minor problems I have had (poor tech support, customer support and a bad serial cradle) to help them get up and running. Of course, I have the best PalmOS device on the market. Not a bad trade-off.


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