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    its cool

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    Vienna, VA? I didn't know 3com is that close to DC
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    You stud!! Well, I'm sure you know we all have tons of questions! Here's a few of mine. What's the form factor? Same size as a III series palm. How bright is the screen? How does it "feel", both in form and function? What do you think of it in general? Any info would be great!

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    Is those screen colors the same as shown on the emulator? I am using POSE 3.0a4 and the ROM image of OS 3.5 . The emulator is much slower when working as a color device.
  5. sih
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    Originally posted by sih:
    I work with Palm tech support and we jsut got introduced to the Palm 3c. Its a beauty.
    You weren't asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement?
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    Find out whether the display is a Reflective TFT or Active Matrix. In other words can the screen be viewed outdoors like the Compaq Aero 2100 series?

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    Another question: What does the Graffiti area look like? Is it green like a Palm III/V or is it a different color now?
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    How is it powered??? Alkalines, Li-ions???


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    I spoke with a guy at Staples who said that they show a Palm IIIc charging unit in their inventory. This suggests to me an internal lithium-ion battery.

    Sih, can you confirm?
  11. sih
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    That info is awesome! I'm anxious to get one. They didn't happen to slip and say what the release date is, did they?

    I'm assuming the unit will charge through the cradle (duh), but is the cradle USB? I would assume that it is.

    Thanks for the great info!

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    Sorry to keep asking questions about the display but, is the display backlit or sidelit? Can it be viewed outdoors or in direct sunlight? Does the unit still have the flip-lid cover like earlier Palm III series?

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    What color are the symbols in the Graffiti area? You said the Graffiti pad is black, are the icon symbols such as Menu, calculator, and find now green or another color?
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    According to this article ( ) the Palm IIIc and IIIxe will be released Feb 20.
    The IIIc is expected to cost $449, and the IIIxe $249.
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    IMHO, for $449, it'd better be great!

    That's about $100 too high, as is standard with 3Com's pricing model.
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    That price is about right, especially since current colour WinCE PDAs are around $400 to $500. Palm shouldn't price it too low, otherwise they would monopolize the market

    But the question is, is it worth it to pay that extra bit just for colour (and rechargeable lithium ion batteries which probably costs around $50 in itself), since it will take some time for developers to upgrade their existing software and develop new ones to take advantage of OS3.5 and the colour display?
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    There goes freeware......
    Don't suppose prgrammers will be eager to program USEFULLLLLLL tools in color and not charge anything. Let's see who's gonna make the first proggie that demands color!
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    BTW IMHO your *useful* monochrome/greyscale will still run on color displays. (Open a DOS window - sounds like an oxymoron to me - on your pc's SVGA monitor and what do you see? B&W.)
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    You miss the point. Apps written expressly for color will often not display well on grayscale (never mind monochrome). For example, red and black are often indistinguishable when viewed in grayscale.

    This is why reports intended for color output have to be checked on a laser printer to ensure that any copies or faxes will not "lose" any important information.
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