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    Nice 2 c some people still use their brains 4 thinking. That is exactly what I meant.
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    Check out Crazy 8's (it's on PalmGear somewhere). The new betas are designed to use color if present, but monochrome on older machines. The OS knows (and thus programs smart enough to ask) if it's running color or not.

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    They just released the Golden Master version of the Palm 3.5 OS today and I'm happy enough with that for now. Their new emulator will also do the Visor ROM (with Graphite or Blue skin). I'm not overly impressed with this color version, and I can live with the monochrome for now until that "gotta-have-it-or-die-only-available-in-color-program" comes out.

    Rick Bailey

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    speaking of the emulator...

    I couldn't get ROM Transfer to work on my IVDx. An error popped up...

    anyone else have this problem?

    your friend and mine
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    Be sure you are using the newest version (3.0a4), since 3.0a3 doesn't work.
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    My coworker was finally able to get the Visor ROM from his, but I could not. I think I have too many hacks and some other problems (even after uninstalling all my hacks I got a fatal error). But his Visor is fairly new and he hasn't had much time to muck it up.

    You can't download the ROM via the USB port, you must use serial. And, yes, I would recommend the newest emulator prog out there.

    Rick Bailey
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    Hello everybody, I'm a tech reporter with a passion for PDAs and recently, a reliable source of mine (a retailer)told me that he has also played with the Palm IIIc. I of course, pumped him with questions and here's what I got:

    1) the Palm IIIc, as mentioned, has a black casing. However, the design and shape of the casing is still the same one as the Palm III - kinda clunky, if you ask me. The only major difference in size is that the Palm IIIc's casing is slightly longer than the standard Palm III casing. This is due to the extra size of the Lithium-ion battery (yes, it uses a rechargeable Li-ion)
    2) My friend wasn't sure, but after a asked him a lot of questions, it seems that the colour LCD has a backlight which is not always on, ie you can view the screen without the need for a backlight on all the time (like in other colour LCD displays) This leads me to surmise that the Palm IIIc's colour LCD screen is, like the Compaq Aero 2130, of a transmissive/reflective type (hope I got the description correct!), ie it has a semi-silvered reflector behind the colour screen so that you can view the LCD with reflected light (say, under normal sunlight, bulbs, etc)just like in the screens of the Palms and Visors we have now. However, in dim light, you can switch on the backlight and it will shine through the semi-silvered backing and illuminate the LCD screen. This is not a bad solution as far as battery life goes, but I don't know how clear the screen itself is (the Compaq Aero 2130's screen was a bit dim).

    3) Lastly, the "3Com" logo is no longer there - in its place is a circular logo with a "P" to represent the newly spun-off Palm Computing Inc.

    As I said, I have not seen it myself, but my source is reliable and I think my theories are probably correct - I plied him with as many questions as I could! He got to see it because he frequently deals with the local head of Palm Computing here.

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    So, anyone else can supply more info on the Palm IIIc?
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    Apparently SIH was forced to remove any info about the the IIIc. Oh well only 5 more days.
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    Q: What's the sound of one hand clapping?
    A: Ragamuffinn asking whether IIIc non-disclosure agreements mean anything.
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    You can find a ton of more information about the Palm IIIc at:


    Richard Kettner
    Handspring Weekly Editor
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