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    The cheapest place I've found to get a Palm IIIx online (when is NOT running a Palm IIIx cycle with >10 buyers) is, at $230 with free UPS ground shipping. has it for $225, but their cheapest shipping is $15. Although I've heard that Staples stores will match an Internet company's prices. If that's true, I'll find the lowest price online (NOT including shipping), print the page, and not have to wait 3-10 biz days for my Palm.

    I don't live in Oregon or California, so I can't get the MSN $50 deal, and ValueAmerica has discontinued their new member $100 off deal.
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    Dont they sell them for $170 at
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    You're probably thinking of the IIIe. Outpost sells the IIIx for 239.
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    Try and look for coupons at They will usually meet the lowest price and are having free shipping deals.
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    Hey PalmMan! Thanks for the tip about I understand that there are several good sites that collect "coupon codes" and make them available, but haven't been able to find any except a few now-dead sites. Does anyone know of any others? Thanks in advance.
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    Go to

    this site has everything you need to find coupons on deal sites and everything relatged to getting the best deals on line.

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    Kudos, Seth, that Brassfield site kicks ***. Man, if my mom was only online... she'd give up yard sales & flea markets forever.


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