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    Damn my parents. I have to buy my toys, but they see how much my brother is loving my Visor so they want me to get him one (They're paying, of course).

    I figure the IIIe would be the best bet for him. He doesn't even have a computer or anything, and isn't that technically inclined.. so I know he's not going to stack it with a bunch of programs. He might get a computer in the next few months so I'm kinda avoiding maybe a Visor Solo for the moment.

    I haven't really even seen the IIIe online.. anyone? YOu can get them in the store for what, 180? if I can get that online for cheaper it'd be great.. at least at that cost so I won't have to pay tax.

    Thanks a lot everyone
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    You can get it from for exactly $179.95 with free overnight shipping. You can choose from either the standard one or the Special Edition (with translucent case).The SE looks cool for youngers.

    Do a search at site such as, you can find many different price. Some of the prices are less than $160, but the shipping cost a lot (e.g. $15 for UPS ground!). The final cost would be near $180.

    You may also have a look at these sites:,, Sometimes you can get a better offer if they happens have some kind of promotion. The lowest price I've ever heeard about is around $150, but it's hard to find, especially if you want to buy right now.

    Of course, if you go to a local Best Buy or Circuit City, you can get it for $179.95 plus tax.
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    Actually, outpost has it for 179 no tax no shipping PLUS they have their own $20 rebate on it, so that might make it worth it right there.

    Thanks for the info.
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    Am I the only one who wonders what someone without a computer needs with a Palm IIIe? He'll have to enter all data directly into the Palm, and won't back up to a computer. Just get him a Sharp for $60.
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    He will get a computer eventually.. probably by the summer or so. My parents wanted to get it for him since he liked mine so much.. that and he has to do a lot of traveling for hockey and for the many people he knows all over this half of the country, it wouldn't be bad for numbers, addresses, and keeping track of what's happening on what days.

    Plus he's got lots of games now

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