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    Check out! Palm V/Vx with Wireless modem for $299 with free service (unlimited) until March 2000. After that, charter members will get a %15 discount on the monthly rate (which is said to be no more then $49.95/month)

    I just ordered the OmniSky modem+service...its a bit expensive for me since I have to go out and buy a Palm Vx. But since I was going to upgrade from my Palm Pro (1meg!) to a Palm V/Vx anyways, this just makes the upgrade sweeter.

    They said I should get the modem/service in the first week of December...I'll keep everyone posted, and post a review of the modem/service.


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    Sorry, moazam, but there is no Palm included - just the modem! Check it out -
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    Yeah..., I know there is no Palm V included Thats why I said its a bit expensive for me, since I have to go out and buy a Palm V/Vx now to use this thing :P

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    Moazam -

    As a Palm Vx owner, I will be watching this space for news of your experience with the OmmiSky wireless modem. It looks like a winner to me. I'm just still trying to decide if I need to have wireless on my device (probably yes).

    Anyway, enjoy. The Vx is an impressive device - for a PalmOS machine. Just be wary of poor quality as the new Vx's do not seem to be built to the same standards as the older V's.
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    I purchased a Vx about 10 days ago and I have to disagree with your comment:

    "Just be wary of poor quality as the new Vx's do not seem to be built to the same standards as the older V's."

    My Vx works as well and looks great. I have had the opportunity to look over a lot of Vs and I see no difference in the construction or its ability to run software, except my Vx runs faster and has more memory and has NO GAP from a 3rd party memory upgrade.

    Please explain what you mean by this comment. Thank you.
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    I have been through five Vx's so far, and each one has manifested defects to one degree or another. I have decided to keep the fifth one since it is the least defective one that I have found and I am tired of returning them. I have seen pooly aligned cases, substandard screens that streak like a IIIx, one of them couldn't successfully complete a hotsync without incurring a fatal error, and to a tee, each one has had a dismal backlight that is completely useless in anything other than complete darkness. Also, two the units had visible scratches! The unit I settled on at least has an acceptable screen, but it was installed at an angle so it is visibly crooked, the case is not aligned properly, and the backlight sucks.

    I had a Palm V previous to this, so I know what a properly manufactured V/Vx should look like. Nonetheless, I am happy to hear that you did not encounter any of the problems that I have.

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    I've only bought one (Vx) and it has better fit and finish than most computers (desktops and notebooks) I've bought. As for the backlighting, that is an unfortunate trait of the Palm OS 3.3+ change to inverting the LCD. It does work in absolute darkness, but no where else. Try GreenLightHack to go bacl to the old style backlighting, which works in most all low light conditions.

    My only concern has been battery life. Overall it seems to be ok, but it drops rom 100% to low 80's within an hour or two, but then levels off.
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    Dstrauss -

    I agree. The battery life is definitely not the same as it was with the V. I once went for a month on my old V without charging the battery. There's no way I could get that kind of performance out of the Vx. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I charge it about once a week now with no problems. I suppose that's the price we pay for a faster processor and more memory.

    Unfortunately, GreenLightHack isn't the solution for me (but thanks for the advice :-). On my unit (and the four previous ones I tested) the backlight is just too dim. I think I'm one of the only people who actually likes the inverse lighting scheme (which was introduced with OS 3.1), and on my old V, it was plenty bright. Now, even in complete darkness, my eyes still strain when reading the screen.

    I suppose I should stop complaining. In spite of the perceived flaws, I love it to death and wouldn't trade it for anything.
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    I got a wierd email from a person saying that my Wireless modem would be delayed in shipping until Mid-December (as opposed to 1st week of December as was originally said).

    The wierd part is, the email is from a address. I questioned the person about this, and she said it was because OmniSky was a new company blah blah. I'll be calling OmniSky on Monday to verify. Its wierd that a funded company like them doesnt have a simple SMTP/POP3 mail server setup from day one.


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    I called OmniSky..they did confirm that indeed my wireless modem for the Palm Vx would be arriving a bit late (Mid December). But, I received an email later from them stating that they had extended my wireless coverage till then end of April 2000 within the $299 that I paid. Sounds good..

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    Yes... I too signed up for the Omnisky deal...I received an email about the delay
    but it came from customer care @omnisky. I was told they will begin shipping
    Dec. 10th...?? we will see.

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