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    Came accross this info a couple of mins ago. The cases come in Blueberry, Clear, Grape, Strawberry, Tangerine and Lime for $39.95. They start shipping today.
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    Also check out:

    These aren't the same as the ones PalmGear is selling, but I think they look better (clear jewel colors instead of frosty look)
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    Holy cow! They are charging an additional $30 shipping for international orders. Are they crazy?
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    Drool.. :P~~~

    Now if only Handspring (or some other company) would release the RED colour on, we'd be set. I SETTLED for the blue, but I would have killed for a red. Purple looks kinda cool in a weird way. The colours are definitely better looking than handspring's attempts.
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    I like that grape color, I also adore the purple at

    Anybody know if either company is planning to put out covers for the Visor? I'm just geeky enough to be willing to shell out some $$ to have cases that will color-coordinate with my outfit. :-) I love my Ice, but I can see wanting a bit of variety. ;-)

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